26 February 2008

evoultion of my tools

sooo i finally got a cintiq tablet yesterday. it took quite a long time and lots of small steps, but i think its something i've wanted for quite some time now, and am super happy about finally getting one. I originally started with just a crappy office depot mouse

then bought y first 4x5 tablet

then brought that up to mk12 until they bought me a 6x8 tablet

which then got replaced by a 9x12 tablet

and now i work side by side with my laptop and cintiq hooked up on my workstation.

I will always love being able to feel like i have more control and more of an interactive hands on approach to my digital doodles and what nots. For those that don't know -- this is bascially a second monitor that you can actually draw on with a special pen! -- i look foward to posting some stuff as I continue to learn how to use my new toy :)

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