28 February 2007

Blood, Sweat, and Tires... LA

i'll be out in LA for the show, let me know if you are in the area and can make it out. should be a good time, and i finally get to put some faces to names :)

25 February 2007

thats a wrap folks.

we did a weekend shoot for one of our current clients. it was a great shoot with things from hand models to your "camera-fetish-i'm-a-super-turn-around-and-look-at-me-ooo-cameras! models." it was fun. rather enjoyable... just wish it was friday and not sunday.. but hey. when you love what you do.. you enjoy it as it comes and take the breaths when needed. LA is going to feel so good at the end of this week ;)

23 February 2007


im entirely worn out and tired and this weekend doesn't leave much room for breathing room. but in the meantime im diggin through links to and from this website. I like following where people come from and where they are going, and what they are interested in. Although most people only agive me 30 seconds or less of their time, i guess i'm ok with that... don't masterpieces in museums have a 5 second interest duration or something along those lines?

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22 February 2007

broken bone choir

a piece i did for my friends American Catstrophe. Coming to a candle near you. It's a small low res version, so be sure to just buy a candle and look at it better ^ . ^

14 February 2007

me and my obsessions...

seems i'm always doing something related to hearts... it has had an iconic manifestation in a lot of my work over the past few years, not sure on it's significance but I do have my reasons. either way - past all my babble i created a new piece for an upcoming publication..

sorry for the watermark but it's mine ;) enjoy!

13 February 2007

writing in the snow...

from my ninth story window to you.. love hemz

its funny... i walk outside with tool in hand, hoodie on, ready to endure some cold to write some snow graffiti. All is said and done, i had set my camera up ahead of time, but before i could even get back inside and up the elevator someone was already heading outside to copy me. I came upstairs and watching him scribble 'I love leslie' in the snow with a twig. I laughed, 5 minutes later another fellow runs down to let his lady know he loves her too.... wow.. so a mere act of me writing my name encouraged 2 lovers to endure snow? Or did we all have the same idead at 1 in the morning? i'm not sure... but i'm guessing it wasn't the latter ;)

08 February 2007

i just took a picture of the paper on my desk...

astronauts will die..... many will pay...

bunnies will attack...

astronauts will wear pampers...

here and there.

whew its been a full few past days or week or whatever its been. I just have been overwhelmed it feels, and in my downtime i've just simply relaxed when i've had the time to sit. So sorry in the update department...

i suppose the only update i'll give as of now is a photo of our eventful day out in the kansas city of missouri. chemical plant go boom!

01 February 2007

Robot Loving....

I recently was digging up some images from the production of my short Robot Loving, and thought I would share this image for you.....

Also: I'd like to say Present Magazine is working up a feature on this piece. be sure to swing over there and check it out, they are doing a good job covering the upcoming arts in kcmo. thanks again to Pete Dulin for showing some love to my old piece. May the people rejoice.