26 September 2008

CineFX reports on Quantum of Solace

The next issue of CineFX will be doing a feature on yours truly, MK12, in the story on Quantum of Solace. It's odd to see yourself in a magazine that not only you subscribe to, but also enjoy reading! I mean... i fell in love when i read the sentence "enhanced with special effects" as a caption on a star wars piece. Hilarious and awesome... all in one. I'm sure i'll post again, giddy with excitement when this comes out... but heads up! --over and out

[read] please note this link is temp, and will change.....

Domain Issues!

Sorry folks -- i apparently don't check my old email where my website is registered to and well, it ran out of its time card. I think you should just be able to buy your domain for like ya know.. 20 bucks instead of paying that per year, but ya know... whatever... jerks. So www.friedpixels.com is down for now, it'll be up again soon -- sorry for the inconvenience

the rebirth...

figured what a better time to doodle then my delirious mind state of sleep depravity! so i only spent a few minutes, and didnt even get to finish or work on each letter oh well.. its the doodle that counts? sleep soon.

14 September 2008

Neglect --

I neglect you because I love you. I want you to be happy one day, when you go to the movie theater -- so please, remember i love you but for now must neglect you :)

09 September 2008

Quantum of Solace Trailer -- NEW!

feast your eyes upon awesomeness.. what are you waiting for?

kicking it old school...

whats great about this style and letter, is that you can make like 18 out of it :) an A,N,M,P,R,Q.. so on so forth... :)