30 May 2007

UNICEF piece part 2.

i finished up my piece today and thought i'd show it off..

29 May 2007

Best mk12 photo ever...

during our talk in sao paulo . thanks to gabe for the photo :)

detail of the whole.

doing a piece for a benefit book.. here is a sample of it..
it is quite huge and.. im almost happy with it.

28 May 2007

print I bought at choque in sao paulo...

amazing street are gallery.. and here is my 9/100 signed print.

24 May 2007

when drinking café com leite grande...

one must doodle...
i did so many other doodles, but i gave so many away, also stickers.. i love to spread artwork. it means a lot to me to give people artwork.. i hardly own much of my own, which sometimes makes me sad but then again, im glad i just dont get to sit on it :)

23 May 2007

back in the united states of *yawn*.....

well well here i am back in the usa after a week in brazil. I shall post pictures pretty soon when i get my luggage that was lost which has my cameras data cable in it. The main event was Resfest which the History of America was shown, and was very well received! We are so proud to show it and get feedback, it was an amazing event with SO much great work, both film and animation. Then we ended the trip on a farm out in the middle of no where, it was nice to get out of São Paulo and hang out in a beautiful house in the middle of the forest / country side. The best way to end the weekend was hanging out there getting homemade meals, kicking it with akron family and miho hatori!, swimming, sitting in the sauna, walking in the beautiful forest, and just relaxing. soon i will post pictures and artwork, i was inspired on many levels... from the street art, the festival, the humble cutious people, the way of life, and just being a foreigner for the first time is enough perspective to inspire me for a lifetime. and being without computer, cell phone, television, internet, news is also enough to realize what we depend on everyday. anywhoo catch you soon with updates.

10 May 2007

over on flemz.

i posted a doodle up on flemz. go check it... or perhaps i'll just insert it here as well... fine fine you lazy bums..


08 May 2007

todays random and beautiful imagery

comes to us from marvels zombie army of darkness. some really gross and disturbing images, that are beautiful and pretty interested to see spiderman and others as flesh eaters. these images are via IGN.

07 May 2007

sooner or later...

sooner or later i'll finally have a tshirt of my own. until then i will keep dreaming. but in the meantime - i'm also going to start working on it.. i think im going to start out working with 2 colors but might make it a 3 color.. i really just want to be able to sell it for cost, make enough back to do a new one.. so that means no 40 dollars tshirts here.. just like 10 buck tees for my own pleasure and yours. without further ado.... heres sketch #1


in ordinance to tradition...

im going to kick off reasons why im excited about brazil. with #1 being able to see the art of some amazing graffiti artist. i'm not much into the myspace / facebook scene and filling those website with actual information but the one factual thing about my myspace page is this: Who I want to meet: Os Gemos. If you don't know who they are, read up... here is some links and a few images to give you motivation.


03 May 2007

more new toys...

i cant buy toys for like a month or two.. honestly. but here is some amazing new toys.

the far left one is rare... one of the question mark ones. awesome

i had murdoc and needed to semi-complete the band

but i didnt get da drummer :/

02 May 2007

hoa website, coming soon to a tube near you

i'm currently spewing out a work-in-progress version of the new history of america website. it's coming along ok, im venturing into some new ground with doing css and layers, but we'll see how it ends up, im just trying to do a basic "it looks good, and works" website. Let's hope i achieve it and soon since we are due out in brazil come may 16th. (PS i'm going to brazil, are you?)

anywhoo - i said it before, i'll say it again.. be on the lookout for some hot MK12 updates coming this month. July 14th is the un-offical Kansas City Premier, so mark your calendars and start deciding what side you want to choose....

astronauts or cowboys.. the choice is yours..

the inner geek.

i'm going to be a geek out there for anyone who is a geek, if you are not a computer 3D geek then you may move on , for this is jibberish ;)
I thought i'd share a script i wrote for changing mass attributes in Maya. This is a fairly simple task but saves so much time. What it does is take whatever objects are selected, shove them into an array, then do a for loop to apply whatever you want to each object in the array. This is nice for multiple uses, but i'll show a generic example.

string $obj[];
int $num;
int $i =0;

$obj = `ls -sl`;
$num = `size ($obj)`;

for ($i=0;$i < $num;$i++)
{ setAttr ($obj[$i]+".renderable") 0;
the setAttribute line is where you would add your own personal use, but here i've made this one to select all my cameras in a scene to set them to non-renderable. This is handy for when you are making lots of camera nulls to be exported to after effects. Here is a generic break down so you can understand if you dont know the basics:
string $obj[]; - this tells maya that $obj will be an array
int $num; - generic integer to work with
int $i =0; - generic integer, naming is irrelevant
$obj = `ls -sl`; - grabs all objects that are selected.
$num = `size ($obj)`; - sets size of the array to the number of objects
for ($i=0;$i < $num;$i++){ - for loop that runs until all of the objects have been addressed
setAttr ($obj[$i]+".wrapU") 0; - this is cool because it takes the objects name, and appends whatever detail you are changing to it. so instead of typing pshere1.rotateX - you are just telling it what to affect. neat to me... anyways hehe

anywhoo... thats a simple thing that saves me time from now and then, so perhaps it could save you time, like today ben had textured all of these planes but didnt set their wrap off, so i changed it so he could select all of the planes and run a script and viola! turned wrapping off. enjoy your evening, im back to working on a website.