30 July 2010

Building Demolition 101.

just messing around with building destruction, you never know when you might need to destroy one or two or eighteen.

27 July 2010

Forever People.

Not sure if i've mentioned Ascot J. Smith before but... seriously. Go check out his work, he does good things for you, as any artist should. His latest series Forever People is an audio piece which updates weekly and currently has a billboard downtown kansas city to advertise. you can also follow him for the latest via @ascot_world on the twittereerez

22 July 2010

21 July 2010


I worked with Nathan Fox and M.F. Wilson on creating this trailer for their upcoming release @ comic con. Hope you all enjoy it. Compressed schedule while working on a million other things but hey -- it's out of here.

Music and Sound Design by Luka Kuncevic
Voice Casting & Direction by Imaginex Studios
Moving pictures by Friedpixels
Illustrated by Nathan Fox
Written by M.F. Wilson

19 July 2010

14 July 2010

and then there were Pixels again.

after a few years of waiting and standby... i'm proud to announce i've finally gotten my domain back!!! you can no go to http://www.friedpixels.com/ and it'll bring you here. Maybe later on when i get fancy i'll make a proper site -- but this alone is enough to make me overwhelmed with joy. Seriously a robot had my domain and was holding it hostage for like 400 bucks or something outrageous. i'm glad shes back... and i hope you are too.

the domain was just registered, so it may take a few days to work properly.. but it will!