09 December 2010

One Fire Ignites Another Main TItles.

Main Titles for a documentary 'One Fire Ignites Another' Directed by Stacey Lee and Clare Van Den Berg.

28 November 2010

In the lab

Trying to work on a painting. Slow process and experiments.

19 November 2010

Eye God(s)

Here is the video in HD nonetheless. enjoy!

18 November 2010

Eye God(s) - Time Lapse

just finished working on a new doodle that I recorded. Will post it as soon as vimeo gets done uploading / converting -- probably be tomorrow... super slow upload and im guessing with my free account i'll have to wait in line for an hour. see ya then!

08 November 2010

Hip Hop is Undead flickr set.

Here are some of the images I was able to snap during the show -- thanks to everyone who came out. I had a blast and can't wait till my next show. [view set]

04 November 2010

HipHop Is Undead! Custom Munny

here is the final version:

a few work in progress shots on the flickr if you are interested.

21 October 2010

three days of calendars

(yes i'm still doing these you should see the stack! mucho impressed)

20 October 2010

Happy Holloween!

found this old drawing I did a few years back. Thought it was still fun although a bit lofi.

18 October 2010

Rockout Icon!

Download this free icon for your Mac! More to come!
(get info, copy and paste to any item)

17 October 2010

Happy Sunday!

Fantastic unintentional directions :)

04 October 2010

DJ Doodlism Part Deux

kapow. what you think? quick color scheme, just disregard that.

30 September 2010

DJ doodlism

Working on this guy, he is coming along pretty good!

Making an album cover.

DWill asked me to collaborate with him and work up some cover art for his new instrumental album inspired by cartoons. It's a banging album and be sure to download it for FREE. Here is the final artwork with a few other explorations I was testing out before picking the right direction. Excuse some of the raw state these are in -- but thought it'd be fun to share the brainstorming process.

20 September 2010

HipHop Is Undead!

This should be a great show! Hope you mark your calendars and make it out! @sikenomics is putting everything together and looks like its going to be a great collection of artists!

15 September 2010

Tree Swiper! WIP -- updated

Tree Swiper! Update. from James Ramirez on Vimeo.

combined both sessions and dropped an atmosphere instrumental in the background. enjoy!

was working on this until the battery on the laptop got low... had to stop, save, and upload what was done... hopefully finish this soon! i like the sketch!

work in progress as my laptop battery died. had to call it an early ending for this one. hopefully finish soon!

updated with latest and greatest.

03 September 2010

Telephoneme Preface A

a short animation from the world of telephoneme.tv

01 September 2010

Bbboy Style.

busted this out today for something coming up -- you'll know more soon.

26 August 2010

Dust exploration.

took a building explosion animation and attempted to create a poor mans dust / debris with krakatoa and pflow. Ran into a few challenges but even in its simplicity I learned a few things. 30 million particles (44gb of data) I accidentally left the particles visible at birth so -- please excuse that! (nerd nerd nerd)

19 August 2010

Not complete neglect.

I've still been adding to the daily flickr feed and also posting on 365ers, i'm sorry its been drought for doodles and whatnots -- hopefully i'll get to share some side projects with you! In the meantime be sure to check out our new short Telephoneme and our summer reel!

be good!

12 August 2010


MK12 presents our new short TELEPHONEME. I do hope you guys enjoy it. As always its a labor of love, late nights, weekends and little sleep.

30 July 2010

Building Demolition 101.

just messing around with building destruction, you never know when you might need to destroy one or two or eighteen.

27 July 2010

Forever People.

Not sure if i've mentioned Ascot J. Smith before but... seriously. Go check out his work, he does good things for you, as any artist should. His latest series Forever People is an audio piece which updates weekly and currently has a billboard downtown kansas city to advertise. you can also follow him for the latest via @ascot_world on the twittereerez

22 July 2010

21 July 2010


I worked with Nathan Fox and M.F. Wilson on creating this trailer for their upcoming release @ comic con. Hope you all enjoy it. Compressed schedule while working on a million other things but hey -- it's out of here.

Music and Sound Design by Luka Kuncevic
Voice Casting & Direction by Imaginex Studios
Moving pictures by Friedpixels
Illustrated by Nathan Fox
Written by M.F. Wilson

19 July 2010

14 July 2010

and then there were Pixels again.

after a few years of waiting and standby... i'm proud to announce i've finally gotten my domain back!!! you can no go to http://www.friedpixels.com/ and it'll bring you here. Maybe later on when i get fancy i'll make a proper site -- but this alone is enough to make me overwhelmed with joy. Seriously a robot had my domain and was holding it hostage for like 400 bucks or something outrageous. i'm glad shes back... and i hope you are too.

the domain was just registered, so it may take a few days to work properly.. but it will!

30 June 2010

This new inhouse font.. sucks..

not really. i like it a lot. heather rocked this out.

29 June 2010

Some pixels via particles.

some particle play in 3dsmax. was trying to make all of these books attracted to this earth model, and then interact with each other as well. Coming along -- maybe it'll turn into something cool.

Book love. from James Ramirez on Vimeo.

23 June 2010

A quick teaseee

of a quick bit of animation i'm working on for top secret things that you may one day know about.

08 June 2010

Kansas City Flat File 2010 // Work

I got asked to particpate in the upcoming Flat file show at the Block art space so I made some new pieces! I printed these with inkjet on photo rag and will be adding some additional line work. Thought i'd post them up so you can get a preview!

03 June 2010

oh noes.

Hello folks! i'm back from vacation! and as soon as i got back, i got some bad luck. I got home and immediately started copying my images over from camera to laptop and my laptop went black. Soooo apparently my video card died and now I have to figure out a solution. My laptop is my heart and soul of photo editing and doodling, I have another computer here at the house but it lacks the adobe creative suite. Umm so yeah, another setback... i'll be back soon and I also have some new work to share as well as new photos :)

keep tuned and sorry for the big gap in posting.

20 May 2010

Out for a bit.

Hello world. i'm going to be stepped away from the computer screen to take a vacation. I'll be shooting lots of photos i'm pretty sure, so i'll share a big upload when I get back. Don't take my absence offensive -- i'll be back and love you still. eventually ;)
till then.

17 May 2010

Green Day Rock Band + MK12

We got the chance to work on the opening cinematic for the new Green Day Rock Band game which is due this summer. They really gave us creative control over the story and how it all came together... they were really helpful throughout the process and I think the piece really shows how awesome they were to work with. The outcome is always good when trust is put into the creatives you hired :) Hope you guys enjoy it, and i'm sure we'll be releasing some breakdowns and behind the scenes too! cheers!
Sorry its only up on gametrailers.com right now, but i'm sure it'll make its way over to our vimeo page.

12 May 2010

Cosmic Jump Doodlism in motion.

Cosmic Jumper (Speed Doodlism)

I decided to record a doodle of a different breed! I spent around 45 mins making this image. I found an image to start with and then just went with it... using google as my image source and photoshop brushes to manipulate the imagery to bring in textures. There ya have it! If people enjoy this maybe i'll do some more in the future!

cheers. james

audio: m83 - At the Party

Cosmic doodlin.

This is an exploratory moment in photoshop. I found an image to start with and made up the thing as I went along pulling from google and my photoshop brush library. I captured it like my speed paintings and have the whole process sped up to be a minute long! I will be posting the video tomorrow but for now the end result.

10 May 2010

We just work. color test

not really sure what is going on but i figured you only learn by playing around.. so yeah. play.

07 May 2010

Hustle 2 Video Loop

Worked on this for some friends doing an Art Show here in Kansas City. Be sure to check out the video here and here are some stills :)

25 April 2010

Some hoodie bling.

I was honored by a good friend who asked me to work up some designs for a hoodie! We went through lots of rounds but finally came to a decision on an over the shoulder design. They were so thrilled with the work that we also made some custom gelaskins for the blackberry, iphone and laptop! These were gifts for presenters and visitors at this years FITC conference in Toronto! I'll make a post of some of the other designs, but for now here is the finally hoodie and iphone skin!

*the hoodie is a photoshop mockup and not the actual print

19 April 2010

we just work. rough sketch.

started this sketch tonight. it'll be a blast to finish!

17 April 2010

Because when I see clouds... I see...

puking rainbows. This is my only deed for the day... drawing rainbows spewing out of some new nintendo concept art for mario galaxy 2. They drew, it needed it... i added it. done deal.

[actual image]

12 April 2010

Green Day Rock Band + MK12

First review of the new Green Day: Rock Band game has come online and had some nice words about our work!
The opening cinematic was pretty amazing, and has a very unique, Green Day-esque aesthetic to it. It was created by MK12, who if you remember completed the interstitial videos for The Beatles: Rock Band.


09 April 2010

Bottle of flavor.

Heather was kind enough to pass me a photo of how she used the bottle
I gave her! Rock on.

06 April 2010

she floats.

its been awhile since i've drawn a girl, and i think she turned out pretty good! just kept the sketch really loose and tried to get some curvy lines in there... i think the hair sells it! :)

05 April 2010

Disconnected update.

a slight update to this doodle. started working in some color and finer line work. Hope you are also enjoy the flickr updates on here as well with the widget. I've really enjoyed shooting and uploading some of the extras from the day! :)