29 July 2008

Mk12 + 007 -- he said, she said, they said version..

this still cracks me up to follow the hardcore 007 blogs about the upcoming movie rumors and gossip! someone even spent some time creating a theory that 'MK12' is working on not only the movie, but the website and logos in the newest trailer.... really? [via commanderbond] what else did we make? a cg daniel craig that was in every shot in the trailer? he actually didnt shoot anything in the movie, because he had a broken toenail, so they used a CG double for the whole movie... seamless! priceless!

more fun with my new favorite brush

i can't wait to get some characters done at some point with an outline inked.

i thought i could do better...

tried harder on the ink effect... kept crashing painter and i gave up...

28 July 2008


went and saw gonzo tonight... and the thing that stuck with me was the question of what this years presidential election would be like if we still had hunter s. thompson, what if he had given america one last chance... how could a nation let such an amazing talent finally lose hope? either way, a tribute to both hunter and ralph steadman.

25 July 2008

playing with my... font

i decided to play with my "B" from the font i was working on the other night... nothing spectacular but.. hey i had fun for 10 or so minutes :P and after trying to flatten it out after I made a mess in illustrator... sigh.. i gave up.. too messy.

24 July 2008

passing my muxtape again...

i was burning a cd for the lady tonight and I thought i'd share some of my picks. It's all music that i've been listening to the most lately, thanks to itunes' handy little 'recently played' smart playlist :) tell me if you find some new favs! :) [muxtape]

23 July 2008

playing on fontstruct

just for a few minutes... i was hoping to just knock out the letters I wanted to use, but it was taking longer than I expected :/ ah how I forgot how much fun fontstruct is!

19 July 2008


hello folks - i know its always dry lately but, either way. Today i decided that I wanted to DJ although I haven't done so in quite some time. So my challenge to myself was to mix as quickly as possible and even though I made a mistake, i would keep going on... soo here is a short mix with lots of mistakes, but it has a few moments that are fun.. at least the songs were all in the same vein! :P enjoy, or plug your ears, one or the either! and don't say i didn't warn you i haven't dj'd in like.. months.. or so.. and my cat stole one of my fader knobs - . - [listen]

18 July 2008

Non-Format Updates

i'm sure i've posted their work before, but i always love seeing new work come out of there. Check out some of their new stuff they threw online, worth a looksee. Non-Format

13 July 2008

More scribbles..


hmm i hooked up my cintiq again so i could multitask and accomplish more... but i was quickly reminded how much i missed doodling on it.. word. back to the insanely dash to the finish...

11 July 2008

reflecting upon the beautiful of the album cover

here are a few recent album covers that I feel in love with. One of the guys here at the office has been ripping his vinyl collection and he has had some fantastic album covers! But either way, i found these while browsing a blog i stumbled upon. cheers.

08 July 2008

midnight break mushing...

my head is so congested and full of crap that I haven't had time to do anything on the side, its been purely working nonstop... so therefore i do apologize but what can you do.. i warned ya right? either way, I decided to play with the letter R, didnt get very far, just having some fun inbetween renders :)

05 July 2008

Alex Ross, made me lol

i went to google images to search for reference on lady liberty, i wanted to doodle one of those awesome skulls i do on her face, but i found this and decided alex ross did better..

04 July 2008

happy 4th to you.

maybe i shouldn't be working.. im out!

02 July 2008

the news is out when...

a site called commander bond blogs about you, the true nerds know! run! ;) too bad all the facts aren't straight. :) Oh and more?


01 July 2008

Quantum of Solace + MK12 + Trailer = Awesomeness

go watch the awesome trailer for the new 007 movie, Quantum of Solace, due out November 7th. This above is one of the shots we worked on... woot. AND as a bonus its in HD for those of us on our big widescreen monitors :)
[watch trailer]