31 January 2008

done for now! colored sketch..

i think it came out pretty good. here is a closeup and a semi large image. :)

30 January 2008

wanting to do art... but... man..

cleaning this whole image up and then coloring sounds like such a daunting task. i guess that happens when you decide to scan in really sketchy drawings, instead of inked material -- oh well huh ? hehe.. now where is my cintiq? hmm

i lied and worked on it more... re-inked it, re-scanned it, and re-vectorized it, and then re-rasterized it, and then... started coloring again :) this time trying to rough everything in, and then start to detail slowly.. as you can see, the detail still didnt get far, but i think we are in a better position there earlier? what cha' think?

28 January 2008

taggin in motion

i would love to see what daim creates with this... im sure this is an amazing installation. i cant really imagine walking through this, so awesome. link.

(via engadget)

27 January 2008

doodle while you work....

just doodling while waiting for a render..

25 January 2008

Madame Tutli-Putli

i know i'm late on showing this short film some love but.... I didn't have the chance to watch it till sundance at our screening so --- there, thats my excuse! Either way, its a beautiful short, and worth checking out the trailer and official site. Here is a behind the scenes on youtube, and here is a link to jason walker's page, the compositor. Also i deem this relevant since the night before the screening, the director and his friend come up to us and say... yes we worked on this short film Madame Tutli Putli and it might be up for an oscar.. and what do you know.. the next day it was nominated for an oscar.. so.. there.. its still somewhat new news!

24 January 2008

Back again... from the cold...

yo! so we just got back from sundance! it was freaking colder than a polar bears toe nails but it was all good. Our screening went very well, and we had a Q&A with the other directors in the Animation Spotlight. It was quite an honor to be there, and have our movie shown. Here is a link to an article about said movie and said event HERE. cheers!
ps. our movie is up xbox live, netflix, and on iTunes --- so get busy and get a copy :)

20 January 2008

more on learning....

i mentioned a couple of days ago that I'm practicing my 3d... sooooo here is some work in progress leaning.... about learning...

16 January 2008

history of america + mk12 + xbox + kotaku

sooo next friday the shorts from sundance will be hitting xbox live..

apparently I gained this knowledge from kotaku,

which introduces a level of meta-super-mind-boggling-tingly-weirdness that i just don't know how to explain. let's just say i check that website way too many times a day - not only because i'm a nerd but because i read geek news. so thus not only will history of america be on xbox live, but since it is, that puts mk12 on kotaku...

its like baking a pie, winning the pie eating contest, then being in the news for eating the pie that won the contest that you baked that you ate that you entered and you view on the internets. (huh?)

i got to work on mr.spenceit

yeah thats somehow his name.... i got to start coloring, didnt get far at all, too many other things im working on. cheers.

15 January 2008

my annual still life?

random 3d model.... i've been trying to get better at texturing, lighting, and modeling in maya -- maybe thats my years goal.. to pull off some nice renders and learn some things :) now if autodesk would just make maya run better, and fix mental ray satellite.. hmmm

14 January 2008

new sketch..

just did some lines and started to chisel away around the face, but didnt get too far into this, it would probabaly take me another hour to get him to a state where he could be colored decently.. either way, maybe another night eh'?

13 January 2008

oh wow..

this not only makes me ashamed of my munny, but makes me wish i could paint acrylic... i just suck at it -- neat.. David Lanham

11 January 2008

09 January 2008

munny almost done and oh updates...

first off.. my cat likes boxes.... secondly...

sooooo i was really happy to get updated and started working in leopard because we all finally made the switch -- but little by little I want to pull my hair out. from things like... only maya 2008 working on leopard to... let's say.. mental ray satellite not working with leopard.. i'm sure by now autodesk doesn't give a crap about mac users or maya users but.. oh well.. fighting an uphill battle... i am happy with some of the new features, just wish they didnt have to rob us of 100 other things.. like renaming polygons to meshes (because that matters) or taking away use of some of my plugins...

either way, here is my crappy munny - i'll stop complaining.. but perhaps its because he was looking so good, and now i'm sorta disappointed with him. It reminds me of when i used to try and paint with cheap home depot and lowe's exterior paint to try and do graffiti, and got frustrated because it all was watery, runny, and cheap. I feel if i painted him in a more 'proper' way -- he might have come out better, but oh well.. he is what he is eh'? better photos when I get them..

08 January 2008

late night mockery

heavy watermark for certain reasons... stay away :) or i'll hunt you down.

07 January 2008

in the fireplace...

in progress snapshots of my munny. he's cute ain't he?

06 January 2008

billy fatskull

a little bit of work, a little bit of play... late on this saturday night. :)

04 January 2008

up next!

next up is a blank munny figure... he has 4 awesome accessories that i'm trying to theme around, the sketch looks pretty awesome so far... so i'll update with his progress... :) and after him -- i have a super secret new vinyl figure to paint... ;)

03 January 2008

happy new year.

happy new year and here's my first post of the new year... a toy i painted for my friend van. :) enjoy. (the figure is made by WZL) cheers!