05 October 2013

Designs that didn't get to exist.

A few shirt designs that never got to make it past inception.

01 September 2013

Got two new photo sets up on Flickr. I've been going to hang out and enjoy the music of a few local friends and also taken the opportunity to shoot in rather challenging lighting conditions. It's usually fun trying to find the happy settings that balance the light and dark in an interesting way. I think i'm getting better and better with each of these shoots.

Heartfelt Anarchy and Stik Figa at the brick here:

Stik Figa & D\Will and Hearts of Darkness here:

and then also in the past if you missed it, this set from the album launch party for Heartfelt Anarchy:

Over and out.

29 August 2013

Trapcode Form + Learning Video

Posted this not too long ago on my vimeo page. A very first for me to try and create a tutorial of some sort. It's not really meant for beginners, its meant for intermediate to advance users. I don't really cover any of the primary functions of form, but rather how to use certain features of it in unison with some of the standard After Effects features.

06 May 2013

Some new photos on 500px

Been shooting with my new camera, still trying to hone in its features and how to use them. Been getting pretty great success with my recommends nifty fifty from josh (hi) and a great 60mm macro lens from my friend alain (hi) -- hope you continue to follow my photos via flickr and 500px.



03 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Hopefully unlike me you didn't spend new years in bed sick. :)
Either way -- here is to another year of posting and hopefully i'll get to post a little bit more.
If you are a more recent follower -- here are a few ways to stay in tune with my mishaps.

I've already posted my first pic this year on 500px, and have more to come soon! enjoy!