28 March 2007

the girl who has my eyes...

full attention, im staring everytime i passby, i cant look anyother way.. and soon you'll be forgotten.

16 March 2007

the new foundation...

so who wants to donate to james-wants-to-be-a-photographer-and-have-lights foundation?


14 March 2007

me extended eyes...

since i've been on my photo trip lately... (not trip like going somewhere, like being on a trip like.. thats what im into.. just to clarify :P) I borrowed my friend timmy's camera and here is some beautiful shots that came out of it... makes me want to get one more and more.

enjoy the randomness

13 March 2007

stranger that fiction + mk12 + downloads !!

finally up on the web for your viewing please. visit mk12.com to view our stranger than fiction titles, two pitch phase motion test, and the opening sequence. go now, what are you waiting for?
(thanks to michael over at ventilate for the images)

09 March 2007

super dope fricky fresh...

i've just been super busy so sorry for the lack of updates, BUT i should be kicking into a regular schedule again, so hopefully i can sneak in some pretty images for the blog soon. We've been busy working on some spots for budweiser, starlight, and some other small projects - of course with history of america on the backburner as it sits at 97% done.. either way. here is somethings.. random tag i did today, and some random image i am about to pull from iphoto then post :)

(so i pulled images, and decided to post 10 that randomly struck me as semi-interesting.. enjoy.)

07 March 2007

amazing art on the cheap!

I just wanted to post that the LA show of Blood, Sweat, & Tears went very well! Also that the buses will be on ebay for a short amount of time!

The proceeds from the auction of the show’s buses benefit Hester Street Collaborative http://www.hesterstreet.org, a design/build non-profit organization in New York that works with the city’s under-served neighborhoods to improve their physical environment through art, community planning and creative participation.

Please send the link around

06 March 2007

astro loving..

yeah yeah.. i know old news right? but still.. common... these quotes are awesome.. and i shall making something for them.. i just have to..


Shipman thought she and Oefelein were exclusive.

"He told me he had a relationship with a lady that he works with and that the relationship was over, and he had told that lady that the relationship was over," Shipman told the police. "I asked him if he made it clear to her that it was over and he said, 'Yes.'"

When asked by police if Oefelein ever mentioned having problems with Nowak, Shipman replied, "I asked him, 'Are you sure that she's OK with this? Because you know how these things go?' and I said, 'Is there gonna be some crazy lady showing up at my door trying to kill me?' And he said, 'No, no, no, she's not like that. She's fine with it. She's happy for me.'"


In one e-mail, Shipman wrote, "Will have to control myself when I see you, first the urge will be to rip your clothes off, throw you on the ground, and love the hell out of you." "


01 March 2007

my inspiration lately..

usually i find myself interested in many things that influence my designs, animations, and photographs. Lately i have been really really into shooting photos and looking at them. I find myself picking up books and getting lost at the photos... everything from simple shots of architecture to model shots in vouge, or some underwear magazine in YJ's... i think it's because on our shoot we had recently i was the main photographer next to mr. ben radatz. It was fun, good and i wasn't really worrying about conceptually things.. it was me shooting for shootings sake. The models that were outfitted and makeup'd, the hands that were lit perfectly, the bottles that were dressed, spritzed, and lit... I was merely capturing it from the angle and framing that i wanted to.. reguardless.. what i'm trying to say is.. here is an inspiration that i found that i like. and im really into photography at the moment. :)