25 June 2008


I was saying goodbye, but misspelled it. I really didn't think i should start over, or correct it. So goodbye harvey.

24 June 2008

in the water

just doodling down to remember later, an ideer!

21 June 2008

Cisma + Fuse = Pretty?

There is a few new spots for Fuse by various directors over at blacklisted. There is some pretty nice work and a few so-so pieces. But honestly, this cisma piece... is one of the best spots i've seen in awhile. Everything seems so regurgitated lately... I haven't had the time to stay tuned to all of the new works coming out, but when i do take the time, and see something like this... it was rather refreshing :) I am also very fond of Greogory Crewdson's photography, which I feel the spot captured some of the same reactions that you would find in crewdons work. The minimal surreal, enviornment and narrative wrapped in a beautiful, fantastical execution. whew -- hard sentence -- i'm not the best with words, but you get my point :)

[via motionographer]
[Gregory Crewdson Images]

19 June 2008


"MK12, represented by The Ebeling Group is currently at work on the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace." it says so [here]! Well folks, now you know why i've been so incredibly busy, tired, and vanished off the face of the earth (and still will be) and now you can applaud my ability to consistently update this blog while working ridiculous hours! so there, i love you -- now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


17 June 2008

14 June 2008

birthing the clouds

update: i started playing with re-inking and coloring.. seemed off to a good start, now if i only had the 100 hours it would take me to finish it :P

12 June 2008

i'm back!

so -- i wasn't very productive, if at all productive out in LA, but i had a very good time just relaxing and taking a breather -- i did a few sketches that i'll get scanned in and at least that might make up for a few days of nothing :)

edited: since i didnt scan in any of the drawings I did in the sketchbook -- i did a quickie painter.. playing with some custom brushes. cheers.

09 June 2008

socal pigeon style

sat down for a second on the computer to doodle. back to being lazy

05 June 2008

New toy, <3 mr. Sneed

Heading out to LA

my post shall be small or just photographs from here till next thursday. You folks have a nice time, im going to try and enjoy a trip, while still working from my mobile suit.

04 June 2008

important notes from an old meeting!

i like the recurring theme of robot appendages!

03 June 2008

playing noah


halo and mote said they like my "font" - this made me smile.

01 June 2008

kaboom - head explode!

i tried coloring this on my trackpad on the laptop... and just had to stop.. im spoiled by my cintiq :(