23 December 2006

Out for the Holidays...

Just wanted to say i will be gone for a week. Going back to Texas to see the family. May all of you have a good one. and here is a Christmas card for you all....

(I shall be back Saturday @ 3:30pm December 30th - so mark your calendars!)


high res: available here

21 December 2006

19 December 2006

designers mixtape

a very interesting concept of interviewing a studio by their musical taste. also interesting is that mk12 was asked to do theirs :)

I WONDER if you could pick my song out.. (its so obvious)

18 December 2006

so long and thanks for all the fish (part 2)


"For 20 million years, the white-fin dolphin, or baiji, swam China's longest river, the Yangtze. But a few years of breakneck development, overfishing and a massive increase in shipping have reduced sightings of this shy, graceful creature to zero."

well. what a way to start monday with the sad news of Mankind again being so uncontrollable that we have yet again wiped another animal from extinction. I guess i am just fond of animals and how beautiful nature is. It's what usual inspires me to make crazy crap.

[Part 1]

15 December 2006

because whats vegas without strippers?

i got to make the inside of a casino today, 1 floor being a stripclub... how fun is that ;)

12 December 2006

stepping through the night..

thought i'd make something to post since i haven't posted in like.. awhile. enjoy. this was originally made for my friend val - one of those digital creations for a birthday gift... it was just modded to be a bit different.


06 December 2006

new splash entrance

i took some time to do a doodle, then i decided the index page of friedpixels had to change so i put it there... here is a different more colorful verison.
cheers - enjoy the day/night

edit: apparently google wont let me upload the image.. so.. stare at the one on the front page and imagine it with more color until i can upload the other one tomorrow or something. night.

05 December 2006

My bus went up this week with the second part of Blood, Sweat, & Tires. Ben & Tim's buses went up with the Part 1 - be sure to dig through both. Some awesome designs were done! :) this show as mentioned will be opening this friday in NYC, and will be traveling to LA and other places as well!

02 December 2006

Mr.Ramirez + San Angelo + Mk12 + STF


The San Angelo Standard Times ,the local paper from my hometown, did a small write up on me for working at mk12, and working on Stranger ThanFiction - it's not too shabby, minus all my goofy quotes, it's fun stuff.