26 September 2006

the paint on the bus goes...

fresh start, this is what built looks like.

disected back to flat form

base coat of spray paint

paint pen applied, one side down.. another one coming..

i think i was happier with it pre-building..

i might have to figure out how to bring back some of the bus lines for this to look right again, im not really sure 100% at this moment what to do. but i know i need to paint the bottom, i thought none of it would show up because of the flaps but its all visible and you can see where i was jabbing the paint pens to get the paint flowing... oh well.. on ward..

working on a bus for an art show, i should finish
it by this weekend!!


24 September 2006


another one

in and out

long time no see...

here's a quick 15 min sketch. perhaps i'll color it sometime..
its pretty fun. i just like doing quickies!

18 September 2006

QFT! (quoted for truth)

"You've achieved success in your field when you don't know whether what you're doing is work or play."
- Warren Beatty

hehe. after chatting with a friend this make me smile. amongst my many "widgets" on my google
homepage. I love reading random quotes. Anyways back to work for me... maybe i'll post something later on today / tonight.


08 September 2006


quickie.. like 30 min sketch. these are fun.

07 September 2006


We do not write because we want to; we write because we have to.
- W. Somerset Maugham

04 September 2006

blogging like a blogger does.

I guess i don't know my pure 100% purpose of blogging. Perhaps it me opening up another html page where I get to show things, or perhaps it's me actually blogging every now and then and posting stuff of interest. I was never a fan of being 100% of being nailed down to anything, so i'll just post what i FEEL LIKE IT! :)

first off.
I just saw strange fruit project, they are some amazing guys.. look into them. http://strangefruitproject.com/

Mr. Steve Irwin passed away. I think this is a pretty sad thing. First i'm sure its a laughable subject since the guy was crazy and all.. but honestly. It's someone who was following their heart doing what they love, even when it obviously put them at risk... to fill our little minds with knowledge of some crazy animals we will never see or touch.

Steve, my (our) hearts go to you and your family.

hmmm i can't remember what my third thing was but perhaps it was about Mr. J from the procussions. Who are the procussions you ask? Hmm... they are a hiphop group originally from Colorado. Good, nice, awesome group. Mr. J a member posted a ncie video up over on his myspace page. While, i'm not a 100% avid fan of myspace i do think it was its advantages, like reaching people who perhaps never would look at what part of your life you have to offer them on your page. Anyways, go watch it here:

anyways. have a good night all of you... oh wait!! i have one more news. i forgot to mention project FLEMZ! me and my friend Van sneed are working together to make wierd stuff and have fun, check that over at here.


01 September 2006

beauty takes some love

sometimes as im going about my work days it takes me trying to explain what im doing, whether that be verbally or perhaps just in my head as i dig through my comps trying to make right from wrong, that i realize man it takes a crap ton of layers to get something that looks pretty in the end. What are you talking about James? - you might ask.. let's say oh trying to dig through 230 layers figuring out which one is causing some wierd bugged out issue because a layer of footage is at 23.96 instead of being at 24 FPS - thats something along the lines of what i'm talking about. Or perhaps let me try to illustrate this through a simple exmaple........
Lets say we have mr.scientist:

:we take mr green screen footage and get rid of it so we can make some cool colors happen right? i mean who wants that in this animation? so i guess the next step is to get some things rotoscoped (separated from the rest basiclly) so we need his pipe, his board, him, his fingers, his thumb, the pen, the leaves, the paper. I think thats it... hey if you want some good detail this is a must.. so this is roughly about 11 layers because i forgot to say pen... anyways we runs these through the mk12-pretty-machine and they come out pretty.. yippie! now to just color these, so we multiple the 11 layers we had by 4 because each need their own individual special care!! so now what? we're at 44 layers? well yeah i guess soo.........

so this is where headache ensues!!! unless its just me... but anyways coloring stuff that goes together helps alot, or at least in my head it also makes more colors for you to stare at and get headaches too though.. but in the end i think it helps us hunt down who is on what and why and where and what time..

well after all that trouble and mess i think we are to a good starting point. starting point!!! you yell.... we'll you see thats just the base layer to the big master plan as to where the magic starts. So if this is just one layer in a bigger slot of magic and mayhem then how many layers must we have? ok imagine the separation that happened to that footage and how fast it got mulitpled and then reduced to 1, that has to happen to the background, and the foreground, and the colors, and the environment... and the AUDIO! hehehehe its fun i love it but sometimes when you're at like 50 pre compositions and 50 inside each of those it gets deep.. and naming and organization kick it, and usually i get beat by te whole organziation part, thats where my headaches come from. But im getting better I promise. and working as a collective is always the hardest.. sure you know in your mess where something is, but making it so that everyone knows where something is in your mess.. now thats the art :) enjoy your night. i'll enjoy mine.