30 January 2007

doodle doodle doodle...

meh.. just some sketches..


wow... is the only word that comes to mind.
i love you albert burnes....

26 January 2007

Wrecked cars + I hate maya...

although this looks pretty.. i hate maya for not rendering my scene.. :/

MK12, it's in the title...

Last December... (and no i don't mean December 2006) I mean the LAST LAST one... like 2005. We did our shoot for History of America here in Kansas City, Missouri. Now, you might be asking why i'm telling you a story from that long ago? Because I CAN! No really, because we did a 10 day shoot, and now are in the process of finishing our short(long) film. Either way, here is some screen grabs of what our 'take' sign would often say. It changed a few times a day and it started out actually being correct in the beginning of the shoot, but by the end... as you can tell... it was all over the place hehe.. here is like..5 or 6 from like 1000 hehe.

25 January 2007

"Animation and Visual Effects and Motion Graphic Design
Guest Speaker:
Ben Radatz & Tim Fisher
Meyer Hall - 6pm (Special Time!)

Ben Radatz, Jed Carter, Tim Fisher, Shaun Hamontree and Matt Fraction founded artist collective and design lab MK12 in their hometown of Kansas City, MO in YEAR. Art school fugitives, the five have carved a unique niche for MK12 in the design world, where art, commerce, film and music happily coexist.

Among its numerous in-house experimental projects, MK12 has completed broadcast and commercial design work for clients including Diesel, The Sci-Fi Channel, MTV, Cartoon Network, TNT, AXN and Coke, as well as music videos for Hot Hot Heat, Common, Funkstorung, and The Faint, the experimental films “Untitled 02: Infinity,” “4-D Softcore Sweaterporn,” “Ultra Love Ninja,” and trailers for the RESFEST film festival. In 2002, MK12 joined the directorial roster at Playa Del Rey, CA production company, The Ebeling Group. Ben and Tim will also talk about their motion graphics in the film “Stranger than Fiction”.

Characterized by a constant re-examination and development of motion, depth and juxtaposition, MK12’s unique style best lends itself to explanation visually and viscerally, with a visit to their Web site “www.mk12.com“.

ALL MGD/AVE students are invited to attend!!!!"

If you are in the bay area you should try to sneak in ;)


24 January 2007

My freshly added bookmarks...

A few sites in no particular order that you should view, some people share books they've read, some share newspaper clippings, some share the beer bottles they've drank.. and me? I share links I find or bump into that make me go.. ooOoooo - awe - sighhh...







That's it for now folks. :)

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish Part III

Ya know.. if i keep having to writing these......

Rare primitive shark captured (and killed)
A species of shark rarely seen alive because its natural habitat is 600 metres (2,000 ft) or more under the sea was captured on film by staff at a Japanese marine park this week."

Video found here
wiki page here..

22 January 2007

21 January 2007

Them5 + mk12 + coke

I was diggin' through images today on my laptop and found a render of the toy we did for coke.. I thought it would be a fun behind the scenes sort of thing ;)
enjoy. mk12 + them5

18 January 2007


Because Maiko is amazing.. thats all you need to know.. ;)

Is there sign of life?

I'm not sure how a bloggers timeline works... as if here is an infancy stage, adolescence, and adulthood. Perhaps one starts unaware of his audience, grows to understand there isn't an audience, and then reverts back to not caring..

but I think somewhere along my years of having a website (the first friedpixels went up back in 2002, archive) I have became self conscience of if i actually have an audience of 1, or that of many. I was digging through my webstats and was brought to a sad realization that I've lost many visitors.. but in light of that... have now been getting a more consistent audience.
Is this true? I know i don't ever ask this, but if you could.. tell me your experience with my site/blog in the comments.. i want to hear your story :)

here is images of stats... if they are nothing but boring.. sorry ;) they are only from 2004 to now, but you get the point.

17 January 2007

digging in the crates.

i had to dig today for an image.. and came up my auctioneer piece i did for semi-permanent. fun stufff, the animation is up HERE in case you missed it from awhile back.
PS - i just realized that my old website menu is broken, i'll fix that ASAP sry folks!

11 January 2007

beautiful mess.

after fiddling around with some images for a recent pitch. i felt the need to create something fun at like 3:30am. i called the photoshop file 'beautifulmess' so thats what it is now titled. enjoy.

we have a plane wing.... really..

soooooo our new conference table is a plane wing.. how amazing is that? not only is it super cool - it has awesome decals...
-biters choke.
also... here's an old mural i did in texas awhile back, but im sharing it with you now.

08 January 2007

may the target consume you

edit: i've decided target decapitates all its models.. here is further proof.

03 January 2007

new art for the new year

I thought i would share my Russian doll family that i rocked for two of my close dear friends. They are in 5 packs, and i absoutely love them! :) Second, we have a record i painted for my dear friend trae, i know she loved it as much as I did... i did two more... but thats all the magic im sharing for the moment. hope everyone enjoys! I just felt a bit down for not updating new stuff, and bringing in the traffic like i used to back in the day when i uploaded my motion work. either way. enjoy your night / day.

All around and back again..

I'm not sure if i started the blog with full intentions of being a straight forward blog. What does this mean James you ask? Well by not a straight forward blog, perhaps I mean one that doesn't just stick to a single subject. Whether that is news, my personal artwork, my commercial work, or simply a personal blog. The thing i've always loved about the internet and having a personal site was the ability to create and log an online sketchbook. While I do still carry around a normal sketchbook, having the power to show everyone you're sketchbook is amazing. Not only do you get to show your work, but you get to show what you jot down, what you scratch out, and what notes you take. This is what my blog is about. and its what i enjoy...
and with that...
Here is a Pro Bowler playing bowling in Wii Sports. :)