31 October 2011

Monday Inspiration!

Satellite images of earth showing air traffic, internet, and roads:

Nicolas Kennedy Sitton:

Keep it real tumblr:

kinda a hectic week, didn't really get to pull that much imagery. But here are some images that I found pretty fantastical.

24 October 2011

Monday Inspiration!

pulled this image from buamai, don't have the original link! great image though. subtly twisted :)

one of my favorite letter guys. Always clean, great letter forms, and fills.

dubai during a cloudy day, pulled this image from a forum, don't have the original link

love the overall treatment to the imagery.

great use of the body and amazing compositions.

10 October 2011

Monday Inspiration!

Happy monday folks. I'll also be posting some new images to flickr, so watch there
as well :)


same link as above.

http://www.workdiary.de/ worth seeing the high res for the details!

worth checking out the other photos as well! great stuff.

03 October 2011

Monday Inspiration!

As usual -- here are somethings that i've found throughout the week. new this week by request -- tried added a small reason to my picks of imagery... hmm.. :P

Love the colors and abstract approach to the letterforms. Really reminds me of some of my co-worker Ben's early telephoneme style exploration. Found this linked on twitter from the infamous @Joker_TRNSCND

Type is something we're always working with at the studio. Finding interesting and new ways of incorporating that into our visuals is a consistent challenge. Love the abstract approach
this person chose to form the words.

a good macho man illustration isn't hard to love, but the bright colors and textural elements through
shapes and line work add a really nice aesthetic to this piece. all of the work on the site is pretty fantastic, but this one stood out to me.

I'm not a big fashion person -- don't really follow it or know whats going on in the world of it. But every now and then images cross my path that I find intriguing. i thought the asymmetry of the design added such a nice weight balance to the bottom heavy graphics. the colors are pretty odd too!