29 August 2008

you thought i was kidding...

this is best as described as a physical manifestation of my workload...

27 August 2008

25 August 2008

late night sketching... or early morning.... .?

either way... something that reminds me of when i used to sketch with blueprint pencils... fun :)

21 August 2008

Birds Birds Birds

Graffiti Research Lab: Detained in Beijing

Artist / Designer / Human Being -- James Powderly was detained for expressing the freedom of speech. I think this comes at a time that almost seems to make more of a point then project might have, but it's hard to say since we didn't really get to see what he was up to. I've respected the GRL's work for awhile because it is not only innovative, but it really expands upon the definition of graffiti and its context. I think most people use it for expressing their name, and "gettting up" but few people use it as a pure performance art / talking point. Yes, yes, i know there is a lot of artist who do use graffiti in a positive light -- but let me not stray too far from the subject.
This is a time when everyone is looking upon Beijing for the olympics -- but i think in the weeks leading up to it, and throughout the event, it has been a big talking point about all the wrong happening in china. Although they've tried to paint the best picture of China as they can during these olympics -- it's issues like this that raise the moral and ethical issues that are happening there. I think this while sad, is a big step for the GRL, it is has magnified the voice being spoken.... i hope more people tune into events like this.

As for me -- back to work, it seems all i can post lately is tidbits from the news for this blog, i don't have much time to doodle lately, and i will continuously apologize for it ;)

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19 August 2008

more politics...

because i sometimes feel half of america doesn't understand who mccain is, and what fuels his ambitions.

Awesome 3D model... Rocketeer!

brilliant lighting and texturing by Fabricio Moraes... nicely done! (via: cgtalk)

15 August 2008

Bleh sketch!

future phone email to blog?? umm doodle during important conference call! :)

09 August 2008

a cloud...

clouds and a wrecked brain.

08 August 2008

roasting the brain over and over...

whew. it's been a few furious weeks and moving forward only looks to increase the already insane working hours, but it is all out of love. It isn't over but i can already say that i've learned leaps and bounds of new things in the process of trying to reach the end. Everything from technical garbage to new software packages... mind blowing, crushing and destructive head exploding has occurred and continues to, but i am truely excited about what is being produced, and am very very very proud to be a part of this journey.. i can't wait till its show and tell time, but until then... back to work :P

06 August 2008

moving, working, enjoying...

its been hard labor intense weeks... but filled with small moments of joy.. like finally getting video from resfest of miho hatori and akron family... its those small gems that help be through the brain wrecking and wanting to smash my head against the desk... ;) oh boy, racing to the finish line.. back to work.

03 August 2008

Finally, we might actually start using the sun...

In trying to mimic plant's photosynthesis process, one scientist might have come up with just how to properly use all of the sun's energy and in an amazing and life changing way. This is honestly some of the most exciting news i've heard in awhile, let's focus less on fighting wars, and more on trying to preserve our planet and lives. [read]