27 September 2007

may this day be one to remember...

not that it is the upmost important, not because i'm president today, but because today is the day that the MK12 History of America is now on the internets.... not only is it on the internets, but you can download it.. what are you still doing here? Go tell your grandma too... she needs to know what really happened...

Thanks to our good friend micheal over at ventilate for hosting it! Also check out the other great work that is included in this update, there is lots of fantastic work up there as well in issue 19!

(edit / update)
here is some more links for those that are having trouble viewing the movie..
http://www.historyofamerica.tv/_hoaDownload.html - ventilate & mk12 download links
http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x32vpt_history-of-america - flash streaming
http://www.historyofamerica.tv/mk12_hoa_full.torrent - bittorrent

sorry for all the congestion, traffic has been crazy across our website and ventilate, it happens when you release a 30 minute movie on the internet as small and compressed as you can make it without compromising quality.

25 September 2007

my weekend projects...

amongst doing work related projects, i was able to squeeze in some quality time on two new pieces. One is on a Red Stripe bottle, and one is one a piece of plexi (acrylic) glass. both were taken with my future phone.. so not the bestest of quality. cheers and love - james

20 September 2007

september goes to you...

Grandpa - i met this guy out in brasil... and his work preceded him before i met him. But let me say, if you dig cool illustrations, and beautiful imagery.. either way, here go look at his work and tell me what you think, pretty darn amazing eh?


uh oh! i must say i've made a mistake about the above illustration! It is a friend of his that he posted, due to my lack of Portuguese i failed to read that.. my apologies.. but still his work is still amazing hah! The illustation is Walter Pax, check his stuff out here.

19 September 2007

a brief history of...

my characters... not a full history by any means, and there is lots of years and variations missing, but digging through one folder i found some good examples of the evolution, maybe one day i'll make a pdf of it from start to finish as far as i can track it. would be interesting to see.

17 September 2007

stupid program

i cant close it.. and i need sleep - . -

trying to sketch

i downloaded painter after years of hearing how amazing it is... so while i have my 30 day trial i plan to try and figure out if i can learn somethings or two! i've got sketching down, it feels really natural and actually looks nice, coloring.. well thats a whole can of worms.. but here is some stuffs.

16 September 2007

BAM! take that index page...

so... if you happen to go the friedpixels.com you are L, then you have already seen this image, but i thought i would post it up on here for those that actually just click on friedpixels.blogspot.com
(edit: i tried to color in photoshop.. im not great at coloring my characters :P )

12 September 2007

another doodle for being at home.

a doodle a day...

here is a hand holding a cats tail... and here is a bird coming out on a board, out of a hole in a stomach... I havent been able to scan in some of my sketchs in awhile.. but i finally finished one sketchbook and going through book 2. i've been trying to stay slightly in the realm of "not listening" as i mentioned earlier, when i posted the guy with the pillow over his head, but either way.. its going along pretty well, and i think the doodles from me drawing on the conference phone are too fitting. i'll have to scan more when the scanner is back up and working at the office.. cheers until then..
(edit: i turned on the hidden layer for you to see.... )

11 September 2007

diggin' through folders...

whew. sorry folks this has been quite the non-posting month i've had in awhile.. but hopefully things will get back up to speed... especially since I am now a proud parent of a G5. (yippie) and also am getting better (was sick). Either way, back on topic.. i was digging through folders of stuff on my work machine to copy over to my home box, and found all of these great pitch styleboards I've worked on. Working on pitches is one of the hardest and funniest moments of being in this motion graphics industry.... you are rushed to create new and innovative designs, and graphic worlds in like a quarter of the time it would normally take you, AND Execute them.. which is usually the hard part. Here is a frame that came out of when we first pitched on Stranger Than Fiction.. :) maybe i'll post some more later...

06 September 2007

my minds gone.

i really wanted to create space for a pitch thats floating in the office, so that explains the big watermark, but beyond that I took out the content and just left the background, i thought it looked pretty... perhaps? The other thing thats nice about this - the time changed from complete night to sunrise to midday, its nice in sequence. cheers.

05 September 2007

cars, cars, cars

photo of my doodle on the conference call today. :)

03 September 2007

kid help computer...

whoa now, sorry folks its been an all around lazy weekend, and thus in my laziness i accidently let my website die for a weekend (literally lost my domain) ... I just sorta took from friday to monday off, and just chilled. I didn't get much accomplished as far as creative work goes, but i think i was mentally and physically preparing myself for the week that shall come... it's going to be two more intense weeks as we finish off two more Budweiser spots and two more just left the door. the other two should be playing everywhere on sports channels across nation, just look for red, black, and white and clooney talking. and that'll be us ;)

good luck and good night, hope you weekend was relaxing and safe.