30 October 2007

thinking of you.

rough sketch for a doodle. just base coats, no cleaning up, and the squiggles arent even doing anything constructive for that composition. but alas. doodles and sketches gotta get out of my head.

26 October 2007

25 October 2007

making still images..

in taking a miniature break from another bud animation while things render - i'ma making something in still image form.. it's just an element but.. i thought i'd share. nothing fancy here.

23 October 2007

22 October 2007

Unite for children on FEED.

sorry i'm still geeked that i have work in a book.. [link to feed]

mk12 invades times square...

ok there isn't any invading that already over polluted and noisy place, BUT you can add to it ;) - either way, some of the comcast stuff we worked on was transformed into what i'll call an installation of some sort where a few animations that were put together for air are complied into. here's pictures to describe this mobojumbo. thanks to martin murphy for the photos :)

21 October 2007

Meet Herman

I think through the years of drawing characters, everyone always ask me if I have names for any of them... well I don't honestly.. but I was driving the other day and was like wow.. herman is an awesome name for one of my guys, thus he was born. I'll say to distinguish herman from the rest of the guys and gals is how he dresses. Herman likes to always look sharp, with his hair clean, with his shirt tucked in, and he likes to rock clip on bow ties, or just clip on ties... ;)

ps - the surrounding doodles, the continuous stupid is from a conference call, and the top letters are from another conference call... when i'm drawing I always just pick up random words that are being said around me usually.. so thats why I usually have the most random word fragments in my sketchbooks. ;)

17 October 2007

UNCIEF + MK12 + 60uniteforchildren

Well i posted the sketch awhile back on here, and talked about the APAG making a book for UNICEF - and now here it is. They shipped us one copy for our office and I have to say the book looks fantastic. All of the artwork is beautiful, and the printing is great, and and and.. it's just great. The only downside being that for my piece I didn't get credit :(, well they credited Ben since he emailed both mine and his submissions, but oh well right? This is for a greater cause, and those who know me, know I did it anyways! :)

Onwards - You can view their website [here] buy the book [here] and check them out on facebook [here] All proceeds from the book go to UNICEF

A little about the project if you don't know:

12 October 2007

the artist has fingerprints (continuation) ..

awhile back i started posting some stuff about my process in making things.. in particular how i try to keep my fingerprints in my art.. whether that means keeping things from not being 100% vector, or adding textures to bring back some organic feeling into images...
either way - here is a little of the process of making the history of america swag bags. from making the graphic in illustrator, printing it out in reverse, transferring that to something to cut out, exacto-fy the image, tape up the back so it last longer, and spray paint 500 bags.

references: [one] [part a] [UNICEF process]

08 October 2007

the last bottle for now...

as promised here is photos of the other bottle from the diptych i mentioned. busy as ever, and hopefully will get around to some more art sooner than later.. but this week is surely going to be the busiest i've had in awhile.... oh and i've included a really bad composite of both the bottles together.. the girl isn't lined up quite right, but you get the picture.. right?

04 October 2007

when you are far away...

i did this bottle diptych for my lady while shes at grad school. she took the great photos for me to collage together like the other bottle i showed. I need to shoot the other bottle in this set, but for now here is the bottle and sketch. cheers

03 October 2007

splittery splattery...

here's a doodle. i'm so tied up with work I havent had much time to do some solo stuff, but i do have some stuff i want to post, once i get my sketchbook near a scanner that works, and once i take some time im photoshop to put some photos together of another bottle. until then.. cheers.