27 June 2007

the finger in the computer.

throughout all of my work i'm always dealing with bringing my hands into the computer. i think when i initially started making graphics, the concept of clean vector work in theory is nice, but it feels too distant. This usually leads me to bringing a handmade touch to most graphic work that i touch. Over the years it has gotten better and i've been able to recognize more quickly what I am after creative wise - since i've nailed what aesthetic i'm after.

I think the concept really hit home when walking to YJ's one day with the crew from mk12(past and present) Maiko casually mentions how everything man makes is reclaimed by nature. Of course i'm twisting and pulling at her words, but she clearly explained this through pointing at the sidewalks and how the trees pushed their way through, and cracks rippled across their surface, how the metal fence we walked by was being rusted by the rain, and onwards and onwards...

to be.. this stemmed to everything around us. Everything we create... over time, is eventually affected in some manner.

to make a long story short, this concept has played a big role in my design the past few years, and finally I think i want to try and communicate it through a series of imagery from start to finish. From stuff I do everyday at mk12 to my personal artwork.. it will be a 3 part series with various examples in each series.. i'm starting to gather material now, so stay tuned, i think it could be interesting.

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