21 November 2011

Monday Inspiration!

who can pass up these awesome looking birds?

beyond the great colors, i just love the simplistic approach.
great lines.

i always have a fascination for painters, this oil painting is no exception.
so awesome. such patience.

such a great random russian photo.
the lighting is so surreal.

almost loved the minimal graphic approach to this.
strong lines and negative space.

15 November 2011

Tuesday Inspiration

such a beautiful photo, the atmospherics are fantastical.


another great photo -- the motion blur is quite amazing. and there is still nothing more beautiful than black and white photography.

really great installation using an unexpected medium: tape.

fantastic installation as well -- such a dream like world.

14 November 2011

spirograph fun

not really spirographs but they reminded me of the technique.
I was workingwith some lines and decided i'm going to mirror that --
and well these are the results :)

07 November 2011

01 November 2011

PJ flier.

flier i worked up for an upcoming PJ show.