30 November 2008

Love the Internets!

I didn't post about this because I think its horrible, and I mean horrible because if this is how you watch our title sequence for your first time -- you are being robbed (and slapping me) The quality is downright awful, and the song quality is just as bad. Either way besides the obvious, i finally checked out some of the comments and had some good chuckles.. In no particular order -- here are some nice comments and some for pure laughs.

I've tried to stay away from commenting on the overall response to the film/titles because I feel I come with too much baggage. Its hard for me to discern what should be common sense, and what is insider thoughts. Spending over 13 months with a film you have background knowledge that not everyone steps into the theater with, but to give a simple ambigious observance -- i feel the film isn't really understood. Either way -- moving along :)

28 November 2008


I got to meet a couple of the guys from UFO out of Paris -- fantastic gentlemen and amazing work. These guys are riding the curve of 3D motion graphics... I really really dig their work. You should go check it all out, some true gems in there. [view]

26 November 2008

FLEMZ! Back at it again....

Me and Mr.Sneed have stirred up trouble again... follow along [here]

25 November 2008


I feel i'm always in the hardest position when it comes to creating personal artwork. Anyone who knows me or reads this knows I doodle constantly but I feel sometimes I need to create more beyond that. It's tough for me because often at work -- i feel I am creating personal artwork, it is just usually in a collaboration with the others in the studio. So sometimes a full day of mk12 has my mind at ease, and I can go home and DJ or play video games or just hang out. Other days I feel like I should be make art that extends beyond the everyday... I believe i'm working towards my first real art exhibt with a dear friend and that brings me joy. I think that is one of the main things brewing in all of my doodles and in some of the spare moments spent on the computer. But also I feel that when I used to have friedpixels up and running it held part of my identity as an artist as well -- I mean if someone were to ask you who James Ramirez is and what he does -- what would you say? Oh that guy who doodles? Or oh that guy from mk12? Not sure what i'd like that answer to be, but i am happy when I have a body of work on the interwebs that at least allows me to show my voice. I think the past year has been amazing and I don't even begin to comprehend how the next year will go, but I'm going to make it include more personal artwork.

stay tuned. this is just your first tease ;) There have been others, but i'll let the puzzle pieces fall in place. Cheers, and thanks for even paying attention -- end rant.

22 November 2008

Whoa now, timeline!

i had fun drawing in sequence in painter... i had onion skinning turned on to like 5 so it was hard to follow what i had drawn last hehe, oh well.. live and learn eh!


21 November 2008

go to bed!

is what i'd like to do now. long day, and long next few days ahead... sigh. this is a late tired drawing... dont know what to say about it haha

20 November 2008

Wired Mag: 007

Wired ends its review of the new Bond with this:

Wired: Sexy opening credits feature nasty, whomping, Jack White-penned theme song.

Tired: Bourne-again action proves Bond is tough as hell but breaks little new ground.

at least they liked our titles :)

19 November 2008

under the weather...

i've been fighting getting sick all weekend, and its rough. Also been crashing maya non-stop because I don't know how to light properly :) It's fun though, addictive. Either way, that was my way of saying sorry for not being super active, been doing late nights for some pitches at the mk and coughing? Oh and worked like 4 more minutes of my doodle that I recently posted...

17 November 2008

70.4 Million dollar opening....

geeze folks :) apparently people do love james bond, and look forward to more! And go play the video game too! It may be short single player mode, but its fun! Also local multipler on wii reminds me of the goldeneye days... let's hope they brought back proximity mines!

have a good monday.

13 November 2008

Gizmodo <3's Quantum of Solace

"Yes, the new Bond has some really cool gadgets in it. I don't mean cheesy stupid mini-rockets firing from the exhaust pipe of an Aston Martin or laser watches that can cut through steel and french lingerie. I mean cool, believable technology that integrates in the movie transparently."
Very nice review from the folks over at Gizmodo! Awesome!


My good ol' friend Van Albert Sneed III recently got his new website up and running! Be sure to go and check it out, and keep it bookmarked because i'm sure he'll give us treats sprinkled in the form of updates! :) joygasmmm.com

Back yo!

Just got back from NYC, it was a lot of fun to hang out with like minded folks! I got a new small sketchbook and i've been doodling busy images and filling up space. Pause was fantastic and look forward to more in the future! I also had a very happy kitty :)

12 November 2008

Pause NYC

Hey folks! sorry i've been in NYC the past few days and really have been enjoying myself... i've really gotten to meet some of the people i've looked up to before I even started at the MK, and its been a great trip. We had a great out conference chit chat Monday and it went really well, and i'm really glad that I got to come out. It's been fun, and I jet off tomorrow, i'll try to get into a regular schedule soon -- hopefuly :) Talk to you soon, hope all is well!

07 November 2008

Working my mind...

i've really been recking my brain the past few nights with a things in relation to work and it is almost brain numbing -- i get stuck go away and come back to trash what I had worked up and then start all over again... torture... on my gray matter -- self induced at that...

05 November 2008


I didn't really know how i'd react when the time would finally come... after the past few months I had no idea what America would decide. In my moment of realization of our new president the only response I could give really was silence. Even as my phone rang with excitement and joy, and text messages flew in... the only reaction that I could give was finally a smile during the speech. I mean, honestly to see our nation pull together and make this possible is simply amazing. I think Obama said it best and it's time to pull together, we are in a really sad situation on so many levels, and I feel like we are finally moving forward. We've been so stuck in the past, and old mentalities, to finally move forware is amazing. I'm really happy, it's extrodinary -- i'm glad to have taken part in this lifetime event... cheers.

03 November 2008

I <3 Vectormagic

if you haven't found the joy of vectormagic, i suggest you do. It's what live trace in illustrator should be, who knows maybe they suped it up in CS4, i haven't touched it yet, anyways... look
i just let it automate the vectorization..... its not supposed to be that simple ;)