30 April 2009

Iphone wallpapers for you

i decided to make a couple of iphone ready wallpapers out of some recent works. enjoy!

28 April 2009

Quickly, before Maya crashes!

i just started using maya again, i forgot how much it crashes! Either way -- this is an extremely simple and fast test of using an image as a light source... but i enjoyed the composition enough to share a dumb test :)

27 April 2009

Doodle white you eat...

sitting at happy gillis waiting for lunch -- kicking it old school with crayola!

24 April 2009

Digital Sketchbook

I finally got around to photographing my sketchbook and getting it all put together in a simple flash movie for you to click through! It's a bit big in filesize and pixels, but its almost 1:1 -- hope you like it. I can't wait to start another one :)

Edit: Sorry the link was pw protected. I'll have to get it posted somewhere else, update soon!

UPDATE: try this link, its a direct link to the file, so it'll fit to your screen... which is good and bad, but the best i can currently do. :(

22 April 2009

Shop MK12!

I present to you the History of America Official Collectors DVD Box set which includes the movie with a few behind the scenes and a nice production booklet we created for you enjoy with the movie. Limited run so when they're gone... well they're gone! Also some stickers and pens -- what are you waiting for? [mk12 store]

Blibbity Blah Busy!

Since i still haven't posted all of my sketchbook yet, i thought i'd share another preview. :)

18 April 2009


a piece for a friend, sorry not the best of photos -- spray paint and paint pens on wood 25''x8''

15 April 2009

old exploratory boards rnd 2!

this is from a pitch a few years back.

14 April 2009

Filled up.

I finally finished one of my small sketchbooks. I like buying ones with less pages so it feels like you've accomplished something fantastic when its filled :) I'll try to photograph all of the pages and post it online -- maybe if i get fancy i can make something in flash :)

12 April 2009

Outside the box.

found this old FXnetworks mockup from the recent project with them. i posted awhile back about them being posted on our vimeo here. fun stuff.

07 April 2009

Let's Go Bernie... Ahead!

back to my doodle and collage nonsense :) full image and crops.

03 April 2009

Falling through time

apparently i should have been doing photoshop doodles more often, i took a few stills from the base layers to the final comp. I was listening to mogwai and playing video games, and wanted to make an image of a car crashing off of a bridge and being suspended in midair. the first three images I pulled up were a car, bridge and some debris from a history of america window being smashed, and then it ended up somehow here. :)

02 April 2009

Caught in a bubble

after posting that image last night, I ended up spending another 2-3 hours on it progressing the idea... sometimes you just feel compelled to, it began to relate to something else so I pushed it around some more in 3d. moving along.