29 October 2009

Camera out the window on a cold night.

Driving home from doing the mural sunday I decided to poke my camera around since it was late and no one was out and about. Quickies but I liked the colors and reflections.

26 October 2009

New wall time lapse!

Painting Day 1 + 2 from James Ramirez on Vimeo.

here is an update to the mural i'm working on. Still have a ways to go but I think its starting to come out pretty nice! :)
Doing a wall this size by brush is both meditative and exhuasting.

25 October 2009

Wall updates, getting closer to being done...

but still a way to go, photos from earlier in the night.

I've got your spell maker, give up!

I really have no clue what this sketch is, just wanted to sit down and randomly make lines for a moment, it felt good!

20 October 2009

Good friend, good artist.

Scribe interview with Art Asylum Boston


19 October 2009

Quick recap of today's painting.

My first time painting by brush so I was a bit slower than i'm used to --- this is 3 1/2 hours of my night. Post the rest next week when I go back to work on this! :)

17 October 2009

pre-planning a beast.

i can't quite figure out exactly what it is that i want to paint tomorrow but.. here are some rough ideas i've tossed around tonight... lets hope i have something that i love by the end of the night :)

14 October 2009

Tiger Style...

took some nice photos tonight of the boys doing their hippity hip hop left my wallet in el segunda. (excuse my rushed quick attempt at a color treatment)

13 October 2009

I love photo shoot days.

Because I get to play photographer and sometimes end up on set doing random useless things like...

I kept on keeping on...

I drew some more on this sheet of paper. it's now this.

09 October 2009

08 October 2009

Yes, more non-sense night photography

because I enjoy random photos on my porch at midnight, i'm guilty! ;)

06 October 2009

Messy conference table!

Luckily we cleaned it up and scanned in all the doodles! Make a
fantastic artbook one day.

05 October 2009

Another night of photography!

i tried doing some doodles but couldn't muster anything special out -- so perhaps i'll upload some of these photos I shot tonight. here's one for now. ;)

04 October 2009

Photo Sunday: Long Expsoure Session.

oh my. a week gap between postings -- sorry i've been taking a much needed break! I've also been working on curating an online exhibition (which i'll share with you soon!) but excuses aside -- here are some shots that I did tonight. I've been having fun shooting some long exposures on my patio at nights. Shooting raw and then playing in photoshop is always fun. :)