20 May 2010

Out for a bit.

Hello world. i'm going to be stepped away from the computer screen to take a vacation. I'll be shooting lots of photos i'm pretty sure, so i'll share a big upload when I get back. Don't take my absence offensive -- i'll be back and love you still. eventually ;)
till then.

17 May 2010

Green Day Rock Band + MK12

We got the chance to work on the opening cinematic for the new Green Day Rock Band game which is due this summer. They really gave us creative control over the story and how it all came together... they were really helpful throughout the process and I think the piece really shows how awesome they were to work with. The outcome is always good when trust is put into the creatives you hired :) Hope you guys enjoy it, and i'm sure we'll be releasing some breakdowns and behind the scenes too! cheers!
Sorry its only up on gametrailers.com right now, but i'm sure it'll make its way over to our vimeo page.

12 May 2010

Cosmic Jump Doodlism in motion.

Cosmic Jumper (Speed Doodlism)

I decided to record a doodle of a different breed! I spent around 45 mins making this image. I found an image to start with and then just went with it... using google as my image source and photoshop brushes to manipulate the imagery to bring in textures. There ya have it! If people enjoy this maybe i'll do some more in the future!

cheers. james

audio: m83 - At the Party

Cosmic doodlin.

This is an exploratory moment in photoshop. I found an image to start with and made up the thing as I went along pulling from google and my photoshop brush library. I captured it like my speed paintings and have the whole process sped up to be a minute long! I will be posting the video tomorrow but for now the end result.

10 May 2010

We just work. color test

not really sure what is going on but i figured you only learn by playing around.. so yeah. play.

07 May 2010

Hustle 2 Video Loop

Worked on this for some friends doing an Art Show here in Kansas City. Be sure to check out the video here and here are some stills :)