31 October 2008

Light Studies

i've been playing around with mental ray lately trying to figure out some lighting. I think lighting is one of my downsides in the 3d world, I'm pretty decent at generating non-realistic imagery... but this stuff blehh so hard, too many little buttons and checkboxes ;)

28 October 2008

You're Breakfast

lolololol - "hola, hola, hola, oatmeal and granola"

I've been Bond-ing...

Whew! I just got back from London and it was a blast! It's always exciting to run around foreign towns even in short time periods. We got to go to the cast and crew screening of Quantum of Solace and also got to do some touristy things. But back here in Kansas City, a good friend of mine wrote a really nice column about me and my Bond experience. You should give it a read, its fun :) I'll be around again and bothering you with random doodles and rants as always :) cheers!
[read article]
[Quantum of Solace] [
JeneƩ Osterheldt]

22 October 2008

Finishing my Boxy Friend Drawing

finished and some breakouts for no reason. not like there is spectacular detail or anything :P

21 October 2008

The real people being hurt in this election...

is the people. Not democrats or republicans... americans.

18 October 2008

Blocky Friends

i spent a good hour trying to finish this drawing off with some cleaning up and coloring but sheessshh i'm either too slow or tired, or both! but either way, thought i'd post where i got to, i thought it was looking pretty good.

New Quantum of Solace TV spot..

this brief trailer has another tiny glimpse at our graphics! check it out... :)

16 October 2008

Back in painter...

trying to find a decent brush to sketch with, i think i like this one... found it somewhere on the interwebs... and now my computer is dying because i left my charger at work... oh well. maybe i'll play with this later... (most likely not :P)

Debates and McCain/Palin.

It baffles me how she is still in this race for a few reasons but -- it's also baffling how people pull in this lady for VP who know one knows. They won't let her infront of the cameras for good reason, she has only appeared in what 2 interviews? Why are they scared to let her gosh darnit self to the public for vetting? Seems iffy to me -- either way, here's a few tidbits:

and this gem that made me sick to my stomach and sad. [view]
oh oh and this one:

i'm done ranting -- the debates from last night just creeped me out, the ugly side of the republicans have come out and are spreading fear and anger into their rallies -- its sad.


i can't get on a regular sleep schedule, everytime i try I just end up in bed for hours... my mind has decided consistently for the past 2 weeks that it wants to run at full blast starting around 2am... nice.... talk about being off schedule... grrrr and now i'm trying to recall some of my old flash days and actionscripting?!?! what have i gotten myself into...

15 October 2008

Destination... London.

i'm going back to London to check out this movie called 'Quantum of Solace' - :) Ah what a beautiful city I get to run around again... I honestly can't wait!

11 October 2008

I figured it out --

i figured what i want to make my next series about... im very excited. here's my first rough sketch

09 October 2008

NYmag blogs MK12 and the Bond Titles

‘Quantum of Solace’ to Possibly Feature Nakedest Bond Title Sequence Ever"
lol -- what a quote... or title.. whatever that is, i don't think we are the nakedest... funny how this is what everyone is talking about... guess no one has any visuals to talk about yet :)
{via NYmag}

Shots interviews mk12


"After 11 years designing title sequences for the Bond films, Rattling Stick's Daniel Kleinman has been replaced by MK12 of The Ebeling Group on the latest movie, Quantum of Solace."

07 October 2008

sitting still for a few minutes

i'm just up at the office cleaning up some files from the past hectic months. there is just gigs of crap all over my machine and the network that need cleaning, and the best time to take care of it is as soon as possible, because coming back in a few months and trying to make sense of it doesn't seem very viable :) either way, heres a small doodle or not. :)

01 October 2008

R.I.P Friedpixels...

sadly after nearly a 6 year run, i've lost my domain. With being super busy with work, i failed to notice that my domain had expired, with that expiration became 30 days to renew -- well I happened to fall outside of those 30 days and have lost my domain. I'm guessing its somewhere in the ether for now, until it falls back into the bid which i'm sure it will be picked up by some bot. I'm really disappointed, and i'm sure i'll figure out something... but for now, shes dead. :(

over and out

In the quiet of the night, people slept.

and i was included in those people! We are finally done with the main titles QoS and it feels good to be rid of them! Blasted work and its long hours, never have i worked so hard in my life. a little over a month left till this hits theaters -- i'll be awaiting your response, but for now... back to a normal life :)

Oh sunshine, how i missed you.