23 May 2009

In the madness...

i started this doodle the other night (err morning?) at 5am while waiting on a render, and today i had a few moments between a render so i finished it... i like it. outline and colored version as usual.

22 May 2009

Grandpa does Batman

for batman's 70th birthday Grandpa worked this up, fantastic work as always!

18 May 2009


sorry i've been absent -- it's just been really busy up at the office and well that's how life goes. So i haven't had much time to doodle or do anything of merit -- hopefully i'll make up for it soon ;)

16 May 2009

Beauitful Type Animation.

Cocoe studios animated this so beautifully. The fluid camera moves and animation are refreshing and engaging!
via motionographer

14 May 2009

Buck: Coke Zero

Oh man! I love this piece... saw this out at pauseNYC and it was amazing... i actually love the german audio better but -- finally other people get to see their hard work. These guys really did an amazing job at this piece from the concept art to final piece... love every moment. [view]

13 May 2009


slick little video. these guys pull off some amazing stuff in a short amount of time.

12 May 2009

Tree Eater!

had to clean it up a tiny bit... iphone ruined it.

09 May 2009

Semi-Permanent 05

I almost forgot about this piece. upon jumping into a pitch solo on my first day @ mk12, this is my first inhouse, open creative piece done here. There was a total of 4 pieces made based on some auction house audio clips we had found, and that was the task. Animate to the audio simple enough but I really love the pieces made. Fantastic. :)
[mk12 on vimeo]

08 May 2009

Type play and a breath

just some simple type experiments.

05 May 2009

Updates Galore!

we finally got around to updating the mk12 website with some new work and reel. be sure to check out our vimeo page & website. Let me know what you like and hate! cheers!

03 May 2009

Bookmarks: onesize

really nice reel. very impressive work, really like the attention to details with this reel, its really top notch. [onesize]

It's bigger than you.

and a quick base coloring... because if i mess with this longer, i'll be here all day!