11 July 2016

Redesign + Purpose

Well hello there.

I've decided to rethink my approach to my various social media platforms and web presence. If you look at my activity on this site, it's dramatically dropped over the past few years. Not for a lack of content to post, but rather because I've been stretching myself thin over instagram, twitter, vimeo, and this blog. So to streamline things I've decided to dedicate things in this manner:

1. Friedpixels.com - collection of selected works from over the years from personal projects to client work.

2. instagram.com/friedpixels - doodles, photos, and life in general.

3. twitter.com/friedpixels - motion graphic friends, links, and sharing work.

4. friedpixelations.blogspot.com - to keep a place to organize thoughts, long form post on industry related issues, process breakdowns, and as an ongoing archive of things.

In a sense, nothing changes, but also everything changes! More so for me -- which is organizing my thoughts for these various sites in which I feel like people follow me for. I'm a very diverse individual and am never apologetic for bouncing all around -- but I just want to at least offer direct routes to what different people are interested in.

With that said -- it's always a work in progress and look forward to sharing work with you.