26 February 2008

doodlin skulls and watercoloring

nothing spectacular but its fun! :)

spoiled by technology..

recently nintendo announced it was brining Commodore 64 games to the virtual console on the Wii and I went to check out a youtube video of some of the games that were on that system because honestly.. i can't remember playing any games on that thing but either way I took a screenshot of a ninja game on the c64 and a screenshot from the upcoming ninja gaiden 2 for the 360 -- point being is.. me and my friend always stare at each other blankly and say... do you realize there is kids who are growing up on the playstation 3 and the xbox 360 and that is their idea of what games play, feel, and look like. a bit nostalgic I know, but its an interesting thing... I also like this blog that this 14 year old kid is playing through super meroid on the SNES and giving his thoughts on a game that our generation declares the best RPG ever made. check his blog >here<

evoultion of my tools

sooo i finally got a cintiq tablet yesterday. it took quite a long time and lots of small steps, but i think its something i've wanted for quite some time now, and am super happy about finally getting one. I originally started with just a crappy office depot mouse

then bought y first 4x5 tablet

then brought that up to mk12 until they bought me a 6x8 tablet

which then got replaced by a 9x12 tablet

and now i work side by side with my laptop and cintiq hooked up on my workstation.

I will always love being able to feel like i have more control and more of an interactive hands on approach to my digital doodles and what nots. For those that don't know -- this is bascially a second monitor that you can actually draw on with a special pen! -- i look foward to posting some stuff as I continue to learn how to use my new toy :)

25 February 2008

Stash 42 Featuring MK12's History of America!

The new issue of stash is coming out and guess who is in it! Yeah alright -- i know I already said it in the title but still! You should check it out, because not only is the History of America on there, we cut together a 4 minute making of movie that is pretty funny to watch and gives some insight to the process behind making the film. Excellent! You can watch the podcast here - the trailer here - and look at the PDF here - and see all of these links on their site and get off mine here

24 February 2008

iphone webclip

if you own an iphone and check out my site... i finally got around to making a small little icon for anytime you bookmark site :) enjoy! maybe soon i'll figure out how to make a page that automatically links to the blog but gives you the icon, i just gotta setup an html page.. maybe later :)

if you too want to learn go here!

20 February 2008


the google has spotted mk12. apparently they went through here recently.. pretty neat to see kansas city like this. technology is amazing :)

art imitatting art...

i try not to play the oh look who copied this or that game... but i mean when you make it so obvious.. its sad. i understand getting inspiration and making artwork that is in the same vein, but add to it, grow it... make it into something new and give it a new breath of life. don't just lift things... and in this particular case that i'm going to show... i will lay the blame completly on the ad agency going to some studio and saying "please take mk12's adidas and their stranger than ficition, and make that my nike ad..." but you know.. either way.. it was a good chuckle. here you go folks (it's more apparent in motion) so here is some side-by-side comparasions and.. some of the stranger graphics are from a making of reel we made, so they are black and white with graphics.

19 February 2008

stick it in your ear...

my good friend dj promote asked me to do something for his new album that he put out, and printed that junk up! the quality is fantastic both in the music and printing! :) if you would like to cop one of those cds, head on over to his site!

18 February 2008

its sandbox time!

sorry kids for the lack of post, but its been a nonstop shoot for the past few days and we still have a few more ahead of us, so its been pretty much work all day and actually get rest, rather than coming back in at night to work some more due to early early mornings. hope all is well, and i'll be doodling and drawing and blogging some more soon. :) wish i could show and tell but, i can't because because... because.......... i can't :)

14 February 2008


after seeing our videos continuously end up on youtube in some crappy compression. we decided to upload our own stuff so that we could at least control the quality a little :) there is only 3 videos currently, but stay tuned as our archive gets tubed! cheeers! james

10 February 2008

blah bleh blam...

i almost lost 2 hard drives in the past week, and one of them i had to hard recover the data through some scavenger hunt program that renames any data it can find as '(#).(ext)' soo lets say i have a folder called tiffs that has 25,000 files alone. all named in numberical order, so its easy for me to comb through and find what goes in what folder... either way.. i was digging through to see what survived and i thought coverflow was really neat looking and took some stills... sigh.. back to work!

there is a great battle against saggy pants... i hope you aren't missing it...

video one video two

07 February 2008

Unite for children... paris edition

if you would like to go out to the UNICEF book release event out in Paris,France... well... its sorta like.. monday so -- if you are from paris then... maybe you would like to go see all of the beautiful artwork. Me and ben have a piece that i talked about a few times on here.
- 60 artistes et createurs numeriques provenant du monde entier (19 pays) reunis au nom de l'Enfance.

- 60 artists and graphic designers from all over the world (19 countries) are gathered together on behalf of Childhood.

- Un projet a vocation culturelle et humanitaire, dont l’integralite des benefices recoltes sera reversee à l’UNICEF.

- This project is a cultural and humanitarian scope. All the profit will be paid back to UNICEF.

- Apres la sortie de l'ouvrage, venez decouvrir l'EXPO !!

- After the book's release, enjoy the EXHIBITION !!


somewhere in an alternate universe...

there is a photorealistic version of the History of America...

06 February 2008

new mini munnys in the house.

one is for a dear friend, and the other two are totally up for grabs when i get done, its just a matter of setting a price and getting them outta my house. i'll post some preliminary sketches up later tonight.

05 February 2008

back to this 3d learning stuff...

so yeah - obviously im still learning how to light, i dont even think this is very stylistic... its like me getting one little thing right and then being like oh oh, let me try this! so - yeah.. work in progress! i'm diggin it though, or starting to...