25 January 2009

I saw you floating...

trying to sketch inbetween some renders i'm doing, but i'm not concentrated enough nor have the time right now to finish :P

Sheesshh, Scribe.

If you aren't familiar with scribe's work.. you've most likely have been living in a cave -- being one who loves characters, i've been a fan of his work for quite some time. He has been quite busy and is nice enough to update his website often! You should definitely check out his custom vinyls, i've picked some of my favorites to tease you, or you can just cry and never want to touch a blank vinyl figure ever again -- hehe


24 January 2009

Take off Birdy!

Mr Francois - Photography

My very good friend Alain Francois gets a new website up for us to follow his photography. Going through school together, it was fun to watch alain's portraiture evolve over the years. His love of family and the quest to find relationships amongst the many things close to his heart and the lens is truly a fun journey. I think it is hard without explanation on some of these photographs to get the underlying theme throughout his work, but perhaps when he pulls together his new series -- he'll enlighten us to what he is chasing with the lens. Cheers - enjoy!

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23 January 2009

MK12 on Vimeo

MK12 currently working on getting our archives online via YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

VFXworld + MK12 + Quantum of Solace

VFXWorld chatted with MK12 about our work on Quantum of Solace! There is some still images and also a short clip! Head on over to check it out -- finally get to see some still images of the krakatoa stuff that I got to wreck my brain over. :) Although there is some mistakes like "practical fan effects" hehe, but it is still a fun read :)


20 January 2009

Hmm... Oh oh oh..

bah -- i took the weekend slow and all i worked on was a flier for a friend. nothing exciting... just had to spit something out as fast as i could, as to move on with all the work stacked on my desk in floppy disk.

17 January 2009

14 January 2009

its one of those nights...

driving home after what felt like a defeated evening -- all i could picture was western imagery. as if that wasn't enough, it all wasn't in my drawing style... so it took 2 crappy sketches to get to this one. i'll spare you.

12 January 2009

Creative Snowball

I'm usually trying to pull back the curtain on most things that I have my hand in.... whether that be making doodles to creating magazine covers. I was working today on some 3d Modeling and a couple of ideas kept swirling around in my head. The creative snowball! If we take each project and daily task as a growth towards something greater -- it will all add up, eventually! Here at the mk there is quite an opportunity to learn -- if you try and take the time. With each new project or pitch that comes through the door, we all push our minds creatively to come up with unique imagery. Although those pitches might be lost, or clients may go another direction -- ultimately at the end of the day, we've gone through a creative exercise in creating imagery. In this analogy, you start rolling a snowball... and with each project that you pass through -- you add onto it!
I feel like the work I am currently doing is only because of the past 3 pitches i've worked on and some experiments i've been doing for our current internal piece. Sometimes it can be easy to just take the negative side to things and get upset over losing pitches or projects and we forget about the tool set that we learned. Granted, this isn't always the case if a pitch/project is straight forward, but I think that's the beauty of working at mk12 is that we strive to always be different. Even when asked to regurgitate an old piece -- we try to push the boundary further. It's tough sometimes to take technical gambles during production but sometimes it leads to fantastical imagery... and sometimes frustration (or both).
I feel like i've been picking up the pieces the past few months to finally make something pretty. I'm not entirely sure what i'm ranting about -- but i think the groundwork for your future projects could come out of your everyday fiddling and failing. Keep it all for your collective snowball... and who knows what you'll come up with when you have all of the right pieces :)

classic throw... for you!

iphone size, just for kicks.

06 January 2009

Bookmarks: For your Eyes and Brain

this post i'd like to highlight the work of DSRUPT, some extremely awesome type work... this piece is a personal favorite. Go enjoy!

[via: ventilate]

Your Friendship is Dear...

02 January 2009

Onwards and upwards... 2009

Whew! 2008 seemed to blow right past me. It has been a full year of learning and new experiences. I feel that i've been able to grow so much in not only my technical experiences from work, but also in creative thinking and exploring. I also set out to do more personal work and I feel that having 230 blog postings for the last year is a good first step. This site is my sketchbook -- i've shared doodles, photos, trips, work, news, politics, rants, friends, and inspirations with you! I look forward to continuing my growth as an artist and look forward to what 2009 has to bring. Cheers, and Happy New Year.