31 May 2008

i'm melltttiinnnggggg

oh so tired.

this and the last doodle are from one of my newer sketchbooks. its been pure black and white, and scanning and throwing color in as fast as humanly possible to move on and back to work :P

26 May 2008

hiding out.

i actually took a weekend for a change, and did nothing but sit around the house and play video games... while i wish i was more productive, it was good to be mindless for a day or two :)

22 May 2008

early morning sketch?

I was sitting here doing my real quick sketch, when i realized it was acutally not bad, and wanted to do a simple coloring on it, so i actually spent like a full15 mins this time! :) Shes one of my favorite girls ive drawn to date, a bit different from my normal guys, but still in the same family...

21 May 2008

once upon a time...

i needed 5 mins to get my head refreshed... like when you've had your sunglasses on for so long that you forget how bright it is, then you take them off and you're like oh crap its bright, then you put them back on.... and the moral of this story is... i drew a bunny and a tree because ITS mindless :) lol enjoy.

19 May 2008

oh mondays.

perhaps trying to get a laugh out of mc cain is my only way to smile today, or perhaps just frown with disappointment with how many people don't see through this guy. via C&L

18 May 2008

a second to catch a breath...

and i did these rather quick quick sketches, oh how i missed you sketching... where have you been?

14 May 2008

superhero awesomness!

you need to go vote for my friends awesome video.... '60 second soup'
--- not only because its the pick of the litter, or because its super awesome and cool, but because my dear friends ascot and albert are the creator and star!

apology in advance....

I'm not quite sure how often i'll be able to be doodling for you kids.... i'm just completely swamped work wise -- i'll try to get some things in here and there for my own peace of mind, but im not sure if i can stay on top of blogging as much as I usually do -- either way i'll be around but not ever freaking single day! ok ? ok!

02 May 2008

whoa whoa now...

i've been enjoying these quick doodles, i try to sketch them as fast as i can, then do minimal cleanup and add highlights, but today i took the extra 15 seconds and colored his boots :) ps the iron man movie rocks out.