19 November 2009

Bookmarks from me to you.

Reform & Revolution is another great resource to add to your daily links.

Travels 01

Hotel lobby and the perfect ending to a meal.

15 November 2009

Out and about.

sorry for the brief delay in my posting since the poster series! I will be heading out for a week in london. I might have the opportunity to post some things, we'll see. If not, see you in a bit!

08 November 2009

Poster breakdown / downloadables

just thought i'd show a quick breakdown of the final poster design i made, as well provide an iphone and wallpaper downloadable :) enjoy! Don't forget you can also download the full full res image and print one out for yourself!

06 November 2009

in the cold of the night.

too busy to doodle -- so you get a photograph!

03 November 2009

Fresh paints.

here are some images from the recently finished mural -- lighting kinda sucks in there, might have to go back and get some betters ones. For now enjoy these! Lots of fun, i have much to learn about painting by brush! Props to photoshop for automating my panorama ;)

02 November 2009

Human vs Nature

Hello all! Finally the time has come to drop the new poster series Human vs Nature! Micheal from ventilate asked me to not only participate in this second round of posters but also extended the invitation to curate the show. It became a great chance to reach out to artists who have inspired me over the years and reach out to new ones. I really had a blast curating and working on this show. I learned a lot and look forward to future endeavors :) I hope you guys enjoy this, we really just wanted to give you all some tangible inspiration. cheers!

Big ups. Ventilate // and the artist
Nathan Fox
Mulheres Barbadas
Matias Vigliano
Marcos Chin

01 November 2009