30 June 2011

Thursday Flashback!

forgot I did this awhile ago but -- i took the models from my short "Robot loving" and re-envisioned them in mental ray with shiny shaders and DOF. The original was all toon shaded. Kinda fun to see where you've come from.

27 June 2011

Monday Inspiration!




Deltron in photos

Got to break my new fisheye lens in this weekend with del! It was hard enough shooting with a new lens, learning what it does / doesn't like and also the extreme dim light situation. Overall i think they captured the essence of what that stage looked like, and i'm happy a handful! We also stopped by firefly and caught some of sike spinning, Those are hard photos as well! oh nightclubs.


21 June 2011

You're electric.

playing around with particles as usual.

07 June 2011

Weekly inspiration.

Oh well i missed monday -- kinda all over the place. But hey -- don't go without some inspiration into the rest of the week!





06 June 2011


Fireworks - Krakatoa / Pflow setup from James Ramirez on Vimeo.

I found an evermotion pflow setup for making some fireworks. After tearing the thing apart piece by piece, i finally picked up on what was going on. I knew I wanted to convert it over to krakatoa instead of scanline, just took upping the amount of particles and saving out some extra channels.

KCM use:
Age / Lifespan to density.
density to TextCoord
Gradient Map based on TextCord.

Next step would to break out each event to get its own colors.

added a starglow in after effects to help push the flow factor since I haven't really figured out a proper emission or additive workflow.

02 June 2011

collection of shots.

some photos from off and on, here and there. enjoy!