26 February 2010

walking around

First shirt!

Friend at work screen printed this shirt for me! It wasn't meant for
printing so it has issues but man is it exciting to see my work in
this medium :)

25 February 2010

Calendar Day Scroll.

its not that I don't do my calendars anymore... it is just that I don't find them exciting. I mean, every we days there is a good one that gets made but some day its like... really... that mind melting day led to 4 wiggly lines... either way enjoy!

23 February 2010

Firmly Rooted

working on getting a quicktime posted on vimeo -- but for now here is a wallpaper for your celly.

update: vimeo link here!
sorry its a bit slower than usual and without music (sorry big rush) hope you enjoy though!

Car Porn

Caught this shot leaving work today -- its always worth all those photos when the good ones fall on your lap :)

14 February 2010

Almond Joy: Enjoy More!

Finally get to show you guys the Almond Joy spot that i've been working on here at the MK. The chocolate pour was shot practically in London with the good crew of David Wyn Jones. The spot came to us via Arnold and was produced in house at the MK12. The objective was to achieve some of the nostaglic and retro feel of the past spots while encouraging new creative and a distinct Almond Joy / Mounds Look. This was a fun project to work on and the collaboration was fantastic, and I hope it shows through in the piece, be sure to look for it on air soon! I'd love to post a breakdown of this spot when i can!

changed the link the a semi different version with mo' lens flare.

365ers Update.

incase you haven't been following along, here are some recent photos! [365ers]

Calenday days behind.

Oh boy! Work kicked up there for a few weeks and I got swallowed! I didn't mean to abandon my blog there, but i'm sure you will understand! Especially after our the piece that we just finished gets air, i'm sure that you'll love it! I got to actually play with some fun experiments during this project that ranged from exploding physics, particles paint splatters, and lots nuclear size explosions! Fun all around. I'll be bringing some good updates soon, so bear with me and also enjoy my 365ers journey!

08 February 2010

PhsyX test...

ohh physics! I never took you in high school so I usually fudge with sliders and hope for the best without understand the proper reason why dynamic friction affects your speed while being sucked through a vortex and given .015 drag and lift! ;) Otherwise I try out cool plugins like this one for max, good stuff -- I like destroying 3d models more than I like making them :)

February 7th

05 February 2010


As I drove to work shooting pictures i was reminded that creativity isn’t of the question, it’s about challenging oneself to create. [365ers]