20 March 2010

Flickr stream...

you see that? Now I won't be posting as much of my photos from 365ers or from flickr since it's convenient and I don't feel like im shoving my work down your throat :) Unless I really really like a photo I took -- i'll make sure to share it! until next. love. love. peace.

17 March 2010

Bathtub warrior update

started working on getting some solid lines in there and laying down base tones


15 March 2010

Bathtub warrior sketch

Started out this sketch for a random idea i had, will continue to work on this another night! should be fun :)

In the darkness.

Love shooting photos on the patio. Between the florescent house light to the warm dingy street pole light mixed with the purple-urpl-sky! :)

12 March 2010


Have I mentioned I started a flickr account? I'm try to get my photos
all in one place, eventually! :)


09 March 2010

Calendar Days


A random nights worth of play in 3dsmax. it is what it is! :)

03 March 2010

March 2nd.


I managed to update my flickr with a few images from my 365ers journey, I hope to also include some that didn't make the cut! :)