30 December 2008

Font Feed talks about our Font Usage in QoS

"The James Bond franchise has proven to be remarkably loyal and seem to value long-lasting relationships – MK12 are but the fourth name in the list of title designers spanning 46 years and 22 movies."
I think lines like are ones that often fall out of my mouth. It still baffles me in 46 years only 3 directors have touched the Bond titles, and we're the first american company... its quite an honor and still is sinking in.

behind the pixelated curtain: Boards Mag Cover

Hello folks! I told you i would try to give a breakdown behind the creative process on the cover treatment for Boards Mag Year in Review, so here is a quick rundown.

Ben and I did an initial brainstorm and he came up with this idea of creating a lightbox effect out of text, it eventually got pushed towards a handmade feel, and then developed from there. I started in maya to get an initial base layer, because getting a nice light effect in 3d seemed like an easy route to go.

It took awhile to get the final look but, it worked as a nice foundation to build ontop of in photoshop. From there I rendered out a few passes for the type, an occlusion pass for nice shadows, and a beauty pass.

From there it just took a few late nights to throw pixels around until something started breathing life. Beyond the handmade feel to the piece, I really wanted some optical illusions to play a part of the piece as well -- I think the playfullness in pieces hanging and interacting also leaned towards the idea of being a minauture. All in all, it was a fun piece to play around in photoshop, and it really reminded me of how much cheating you can get away with in a still image that usually you don't have in an animation. Hope this was insightful and I hope you like the final piece. :)

27 December 2008

oh boy -- i've got a lot to learn...

it's been hard trying to recall all the photographic knowledge i've been taught over the years, but it is slowly coming back. I forget you can't really trust a the bright LCD on the back of the camera, and I should have been checking on my laptop daily to see what I was doing. I was having lots of issues with light control and different light temperatures in one space. Shooting on a stage is pretty straight forward because you find the settings you are comfortable with and then play within those ranges, but I was chaning scenery every couple of hours, and lighting was all over the place. From super bright natural light to dark rooms lit by a few random lights. Oh well, it was learning -- i tried to pick some photos that weren't super-this-is-my-family-xmas-trip-photos but 90% of them were :P cheers! enjoy!

26 December 2008

Happy Holidayz

Hello there folks! Sorry for the lack of posting, not only am I in texas, internet is rather scarce at the moment. I wanted to just do a quick update with the new Boards Magazine cover that I teased about a few weeks ago. I'd like to do a full breakdown of the creative process, but i'll have to save that for the upcoming weekend. For now though check out the final. Theres also a nice interview about Quantum of Solace with MK12 in there as well! It came out yesterday! Cheers.

22 December 2008

Pixel me sweety....

i thought it would be fun and simple to pixel one of my guys, turns out -- its kinda hard to transfer line quality and style... i guess its all about finding the perfect pixel size to translate an image to...
i'm sure it helps to not be working on a laptop with only the trackpad hehe, oh boy am i spoiled by wacom tablets and cintiqs... heck i'd even be happy with a mouse!
it'd be fun to see an animated pixel guy running or something hehe... either way.. bed time!

21 December 2008

Learning to walk...

i'm testing out this new camera and trying to learn how to shoot all over again... it's not easy when you've been using a point and shoot camera :P Nothing amazing, just trying to learn!

19 December 2008

Happy Holidayz

Hello folks. It's that time. I'm heading home to texas for a bit, so i'll be less frequent than normal, but i'll be around. I'm test driving a new camera, so i'll be shootings lots of photos! :)
and i'll leave you with a contact sheet from about 5 years ago?

18 December 2008

trip down memory lane...

this is an old image...

this week seems to full of history, i thought this would be a fun post. Digging through an old hard drive i found some old work of mine... ROBOT LOVING! Oh man... i love it. It truly reminded me of how awful i was! ;) Either way, i fired up and old Maya scene for 5 mins and had a quick laugh :) enjoy!

15 December 2008

Beneath the tree, i saw him...


i got to do a pant leg :P

trying to work without my thick ol' black lines... so it took me a lot longer than expected when sitting down with this one... still have a long ways to go...

13 December 2008

History: the first 'Empty' series.

I worked these up with some others for a show out in Colorado springs, I did a few of these on plexiglass, and also some digital stills. 2005! seems forever ago. word.

told you that way!

11 December 2008

more light studies...

nothing amazing, just kinda walking around this whole natural lighting thing... ya know, all the realistic 3d that all the kids are doing! heh cheers.

10 December 2008

Quote of the Day

I feel like this pretty much sums up my work half the time. This past weekend/week has been a prime example. Either way -- maybe i'll doodle later, right now i'm exhausted! cheers!

I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.
- Pablo Picasso

09 December 2008

Shaun Tan - 'The Lost Thing'

here is a sneak peek at the new short coming from shaun and passion. i love the lively characters and surreal inanimate objects coming to life... ah great piece, can't wait to see the final! im sure anything that comes out of passion is golden, these kids these days... ;) [view]

Here, i'm king.

08 December 2008