25 April 2010

Some hoodie bling.

I was honored by a good friend who asked me to work up some designs for a hoodie! We went through lots of rounds but finally came to a decision on an over the shoulder design. They were so thrilled with the work that we also made some custom gelaskins for the blackberry, iphone and laptop! These were gifts for presenters and visitors at this years FITC conference in Toronto! I'll make a post of some of the other designs, but for now here is the finally hoodie and iphone skin!

*the hoodie is a photoshop mockup and not the actual print

19 April 2010

we just work. rough sketch.

started this sketch tonight. it'll be a blast to finish!

17 April 2010

Because when I see clouds... I see...

puking rainbows. This is my only deed for the day... drawing rainbows spewing out of some new nintendo concept art for mario galaxy 2. They drew, it needed it... i added it. done deal.

[actual image]

12 April 2010

Green Day Rock Band + MK12

First review of the new Green Day: Rock Band game has come online and had some nice words about our work!
The opening cinematic was pretty amazing, and has a very unique, Green Day-esque aesthetic to it. It was created by MK12, who if you remember completed the interstitial videos for The Beatles: Rock Band.


09 April 2010

Bottle of flavor.

Heather was kind enough to pass me a photo of how she used the bottle
I gave her! Rock on.

06 April 2010

she floats.

its been awhile since i've drawn a girl, and i think she turned out pretty good! just kept the sketch really loose and tried to get some curvy lines in there... i think the hair sells it! :)

05 April 2010

Disconnected update.

a slight update to this doodle. started working in some color and finer line work. Hope you are also enjoy the flickr updates on here as well with the widget. I've really enjoyed shooting and uploading some of the extras from the day! :)

01 April 2010

Scooter bling.

took this raw image last night, pushed the colors around and also took liberty and removing some of the background fodder.