30 June 2010

This new inhouse font.. sucks..

not really. i like it a lot. heather rocked this out.

29 June 2010

Some pixels via particles.

some particle play in 3dsmax. was trying to make all of these books attracted to this earth model, and then interact with each other as well. Coming along -- maybe it'll turn into something cool.

Book love. from James Ramirez on Vimeo.

23 June 2010

A quick teaseee

of a quick bit of animation i'm working on for top secret things that you may one day know about.

08 June 2010

Kansas City Flat File 2010 // Work

I got asked to particpate in the upcoming Flat file show at the Block art space so I made some new pieces! I printed these with inkjet on photo rag and will be adding some additional line work. Thought i'd post them up so you can get a preview!

03 June 2010

oh noes.

Hello folks! i'm back from vacation! and as soon as i got back, i got some bad luck. I got home and immediately started copying my images over from camera to laptop and my laptop went black. Soooo apparently my video card died and now I have to figure out a solution. My laptop is my heart and soul of photo editing and doodling, I have another computer here at the house but it lacks the adobe creative suite. Umm so yeah, another setback... i'll be back soon and I also have some new work to share as well as new photos :)

keep tuned and sorry for the big gap in posting.