28 March 2008

from my bookmarks to yours!

in another continuation of the sharing bookmarks.. I think there is two things i'd like to share. first off is a long time favorite of mine.

His design and illustration work is ridiculously clean and beautiful. I think there is few people who can do the busy ornate design and get away with it, without feeling cliche and redundant. And as my roots go, i love character designs so... seeing of the animals he draws are just fantastic. Very much worth a long gander if you haven't visited his site before. You can track through his blog for some being the scenes process related info, and archival blog that he used to post on. word up.

Secondy - I meant to post about this a few days ago but i've just been rather scatter brained.

Hector Casanova and Harold Sipe recently produced the comic 'Screamland' - I haven't had a chance to pick up a copy but surely will. There are doing 5 issues as far as I know, and the first one is out and is gorgeous ! shaun in the studio brought his in, and i got to gander at it for awhile. His watercoloring in painter is what drove me to experiment and play with some of the brushes in there... either way. check out the myspace page for details and lots of pretty images.

thats it for now! back to work for me. cheers, have a good weekend :)
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26 March 2008

my night of coloring...

oh how i've lost time the past few nights that I've been coming back to work... last night I looked up at my monitor and was in complete shock that it was 5:00am -- just shocked that time had slipped past me so fast... and then again tonight, i was like yeah! i'll just get some work done, then play around to make some art.... well... when i decided it was time to make art it was 3:50 which was... almost an hour ago now! so obviously I stayed up and was doing some tinkering...

I ended up playing with water custom brushes in painter. i'm just completely amazed and could sit here for hours making brushes. but here is some of the last results i got before i quickly closed the program. whew... its time to hit the sheets! w0rd

(edit) update -- just testing the water, no pun intended, with the new brush I made last night. it's a bit crappy.. but thats probably from the quick 30 sec sketch which isn't great,but either way its all fun right?

friends making art

my friend Ascot J. Smith recently updated his website giving us glimpses into the short films and installations that spew out his head. To describe ascot's work is always hard, but imagine a guy who is fascinated and disgusted with pop culture that makes films that are dressed in metaphors that usually are performed in a comedic matter but always dealing with issues we all go through. I think in music I am always drawn to artists that sing/rap about issues that are close to home and truthful.... I find these similar interest draw me to Ascot's work. Without trying to talk up his work too much, i'll let you head on over and go through some of it -- some clips are still being updated, as is the website as a whole, but the bare bones are up -- so get to looking! w0rd.

20 March 2008

it's that new new.....

not really. but in an effort to keep this blog looking semi decent, i decided to make a nice pretty header and take away the outlines on the site, and hopefully soon I can get around to fully customizing the template so it looks more.. fresh? yep! hope you enjoy :)

18 March 2008

race and our country....

i don't do the politics thing much on here.. but honestly this speech.. is something america needs to hear... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWe7wTVbLUU

"The fact is that the comments that have been made and the issues that have surfaced over the last few weeks reflect the complexities of race in this country that we’ve never really worked through - a part of our union that we have yet to perfect. And if we walk away now, if we simply retreat into our respective corners, we will never be able to come together and solve challenges like health care, or education, or the need to find good jobs for every American."

17 March 2008

monday bleehhh

my sketch for friday, thats more in line with how these were looking, but oh well! a doodle is a doodle ;) sorry i missed the weekend.. just didnt have time to get around to it! :/

15 March 2008

uh oh..

i was doing daily sketches here for the days, but then i left my sketchbook over at a friends house thursday :( so.. maybe i'll catch up sooner or later.. w0rd

09 March 2008

between the lines

i decided to spend a few minutes today roughing in some color on that sketch i posted up the other day. i always forget how long it takes to sit there and clean up a rough sketch and then color it... so i just threw some big brushes over it all to get some color ideas there and started to work on the big guys face... and thats about it. :) hope your weekend was a good one!

06 March 2008

obama supports the arts!

obama wrote shepard fairy a nice thank you letter for his support. I think its one of those qualities that make me like him more and more every day -- opposed to another 4 years of bush's shadow puppet -- its really nice to see how art can affect things -- in obama's words "...whether seen in a gallery or on a stop sign...." -- its often hard to think of the effects our artwork take after we've given it birth, everything from random doodles, photos and paintings -- once they are out of our head they begin their own life cycle, whether that is 4 days on the internet or 80 years hanging on some wall in a house. w0rd


05 March 2008

reminder. you too can own stash 42 : feat History of America

amongst a larger collection of really fantastic work - go cop that stash dvd so you can own a picture of me in a cactus costume... whadya say?

he's not a freak, he just wants a balloon!

04 March 2008

feedhere | MK12 | Kite Runner

the blog feedhere little sister site to STASH blogged about mk12 today. it made me smile to see someone enjoy some of our stuff. I will say they sorta misquoted in that we didn't use money or kite fragments in the final piece, those were from the pitch creative that we did, and we collectively decided with marc forster that it was best this route, and the titles came out beautiful. mad props to blair over at TEG for doing his thing and slangin' our work. w0rd.

dang stubborned computer!

03 March 2008

further doodling and learning

the weekend was filled with lots of work and little doodle.. but what little doodling occurred helped me try to sketch digitally better. cheers. happy monday

01 March 2008

saturday with the windows open

i finally got around to taking a break from things and sitting down and trying to doodle. i messed up so i didnt get very far.... its fun though :)