26 August 2010

Dust exploration.

took a building explosion animation and attempted to create a poor mans dust / debris with krakatoa and pflow. Ran into a few challenges but even in its simplicity I learned a few things. 30 million particles (44gb of data) I accidentally left the particles visible at birth so -- please excuse that! (nerd nerd nerd)

19 August 2010

Not complete neglect.

I've still been adding to the daily flickr feed and also posting on 365ers, i'm sorry its been drought for doodles and whatnots -- hopefully i'll get to share some side projects with you! In the meantime be sure to check out our new short Telephoneme and our summer reel!

be good!

12 August 2010


MK12 presents our new short TELEPHONEME. I do hope you guys enjoy it. As always its a labor of love, late nights, weekends and little sleep.