27 January 2010

Follow me along.

I hope you are tuning into 365ers! Its been awhile since i've looked forward to making a piece of art each day. Sometimes I would do it through a random doodle, video, or photo but -- having this sense to capture a great photo each day to post has intriged me very much so. The others posting are quite a treat, it is definitely a great place to find people inspired by their peers and posting some great imagery. Tune in!

January 26th

23 January 2010

January 23rd

The Francois.

Mr. francois finally got around to pimping out his blog and it is looking fantastic! Be sure to stop by and check out his photos -- he has the best ability to put himself inside his photos while staying right behind the lens.

January 22nd.

21 January 2010

All your snacks, are belong to us.

January 21st.


I've been asked to participate in 365ers! A piece of art a day sounds like a fantastic idea to me! I was already kinda doing something along the lines with this new moleskine calendar that i got for christmas, but this makes it even more purposeful and gives me a reason to go beyond :) Look forward to doing this and hope you follow along the journey and let me know what you think ;)

13 January 2010

Januray 13th

Year calendar

I forgot that I wanted to start posting these, thought they were
fun... Something to doodle on as I sit at my desk! I got it the 8th so
I missed a few says!

10 January 2010

Paint by number.

Started coloring this today but my laptop battery is dying and i'm lazy! to be continued!

03 January 2010

Gift Giver

Gift Giver
sunday doodle. perhaps i'll color this and post that as well :) 1hr (i'm slow) Music: The Roots!

Decided to doodle on this cold sunday night. Spent an hr on this one, perhaps i'll color it soon and post that as well, enjoy!