29 June 2009

Best wishes, weddings.

Pen & prismas

Summer Cleaning? Bookmarks!

I finally managed to get through all 409 bookmarks of mine!(doesn't account for the live RSS feeds i have!) Finally they are tagged and easy to search through and for good measure synced to all my computers through xmarks :) That's my only accomplishment for the weekend.

27 June 2009

Currently Happening: Tres!

more updates to the canvas piece, amanda told me I was treating the canvas too precious and inspired me. I think im starting to like the direction its going... i'll let you know when it gets there heh. still shot after adding a layer of flat black to it, and one with the template :)

[Currently Happening]

25 June 2009

22 June 2009

You looked Into My Eyes.

This will be fun to color up... :) hope your weekend was good.

18 June 2009

Birth of iphone covers...

this is a work in progress, and I have another that isn't started! But i should have these done by tomorrow evening! at leassstt this one, its not tooo far off :)

17 June 2009

My Burthdey Doodle.

collage from the internets and scanned materials.

12 June 2009

In the moment under the tree...

sketching out an idea -- this is as far as i got tonight, im tired.

11 June 2009

Currently Happening: Part Deux!

more updates of the little bugger, still some work to be done, and i broke his arm :(

10 June 2009

LXForty top spot on boards!

Currently Happening.

starting a few personal projects, maybe mentioning them will make them get finished -- who knows?! seems like its been awhile since i've posted tangible artwork :)

03 June 2009

Airport free line...

i'm rather particular how i draw in my sketchbooks, so getting a brand new sketch book and what the first doodles are i feel set a precedent -- so for me to do doodles that i wasn't very secure in is a bit on the wild side for me, but I really really really just felt like being loose and drawing people in the terminal. so i did 2 pages of it, this is 1 :)

02 June 2009

LXForty premiere postponed...

The art of the character....

now... either someone has entered my psyche and is doodling the same guy i see in my head, or this is ripoff of me... which one who knows... saw it on the streets on NYC in soho.

01 June 2009

The Beatles Rock Band, trailer.

wow those graphics are awesome inbetween the gameplay shots! is there more? what is it?! ;)
[game website]

Back from my break....

i took a few days to catch my breath in nyc after finally finishing a big project. I look forward to the LXForty premier in 2 days and hope you do too :) I'll post some pictures of the journey and get back to some doodlerificness.