28 March 2009

No time, like Fro time.

because i can't sleep and my mouth hurts and i wanted to doodle in illustrator again!

27 March 2009

Absent! While Recovering.

I had my wisdom teeth removed today, and will be resting and dealing with pain. So i'll be absent for a few days! Be good, and go get the Quantum of Solace DVD / Bluray - so you can own some of my work ;) The blu ray menus are amazing and super awesome, while the dvd menus are lackluster, but designed in spirit to please you.
[amazon QoS]

24 March 2009

Doodle doodle

I did my doodle this evening in illustrator, and I forgot how different I draw with brushes in here then anywhere else. Its weird of have a program auto-correct your strokes, usually forcing me to use the pencil tool and falling out of style, sometimes in an interesting way like this, one of a kind doodles hehe

[edit: I had to do another doodle, i couldn't lie to myself and say illustrator overpowered me :)]

Pixel TV

this is by far one of the best things i've seen in awhile! I found it while digging around on the Punto y Raya Festival website.

23 March 2009

22 March 2009

Friendly Randoms

I wanted to doodle before I ran off to bed, so I quickly just randomly threw down some lines and blobs of color heh

18 March 2009

Fincher and Blur bring us The Goon.

Blur brings us these beautiful images from their upcoming CG animated film with David Fincher directing. This is going to be fantastic! [view]

16 March 2009

Heebok Lee - Reel

really well edited reel with some really powerful work. I've been checking out lots of reels lately, i guess after editing one recently (that will get light soon) i've just taken closer notice. They really are a challenge when you get behind the knife. Either way, enjoy the link! [view]


14 March 2009

Linked in: Blogs, Friends, and Links

i met suelee through work. she's a fantastic spirit and i you need a smile, maybe you can visit.

scribe is a beast of an artist, but lately his vinyls have been simply amazing, be sure to check out some of his work via his website, and cardboardspaceship (who is making limited editions runs of Rumpus if ya gots tha extra dough!)

Tatiana Arocha is an amazing artist who i've also met through the collective at the mk. Shes sweet, smart and makes very pretty images. worth you look, even if we're glancing at old work, its still pretty ;) "[You should] never be complacent, thinking you’ve discovered your style, just keep exploring all your life and you’ll surprise and impress yourself." -ta via behancemag

13 March 2009

Your Worst Fears

The end of my long hard day, this gem comes from nowhere. Who knew spending an hour in max would be as fruitful! :)

11 March 2009

MK12 does FX Network.

This stuff has been sitting around the office for quite some time. I'm not even sure if this stuff is on air, went to air, will be on air, or even cares about air. Either way, there is about 12 or so spots? The idea was to create spots that felt like the network was rebranding itself and you were getting an inside look... moments of safe titles, toolkit elements, and random ideas all visible and constantly shifting. There is some fun stuff there, head over to the mk12 vimeo page to check them out. :)

Quantum of Solace on the Disc

The Quantum of Solace DVD / BLUray hits this month on the 23rd! Those menu interfaces sure do look fancy *wink wink* I bet some cool guys worked on them! Commanderbond has a viewable.

05 March 2009

Interview: Mate Steinforth

A really nice interview -- i really dig the perspective on this industry.
[via motionographer]

being a cool kid with fonts..

everyone seems to be exploiting this futuristic fancy retro inspired angular-tastic letter forms, and i always draw my R's wild and angular, so this was right in my head. I don't know what made me do this really, but i did make like 3 R's i loved before i could get any other letter... its random, not cleaned up -- and sorta all over the place -- it's really meant as an exercise not history. :) enough w0rds :)

03 March 2009

Lobo + Capitu + Inspire '09 Award!

lobo capitu inspire

Oh a bird!

patiently waiting for a long render to complete (hopefully the last) I took to the studio 24'' cintiq for the first time! Oh man... it feels fantastic! I thought it wouldn't be much of a step from the 12'' but it felt much much better. In terms of 1:1 with your stroke... on the smaller screen sometimes I experience a slight jitter or imprecise feeling marks.... either way, it was a fun quick doodle, it felt so natual I didn't mind sketching loose... very enjoyable.