28 November 2010

In the lab

Trying to work on a painting. Slow process and experiments.

19 November 2010

Eye God(s)

Here is the video in HD nonetheless. enjoy!

18 November 2010

Eye God(s) - Time Lapse

just finished working on a new doodle that I recorded. Will post it as soon as vimeo gets done uploading / converting -- probably be tomorrow... super slow upload and im guessing with my free account i'll have to wait in line for an hour. see ya then!

08 November 2010

Hip Hop is Undead flickr set.

Here are some of the images I was able to snap during the show -- thanks to everyone who came out. I had a blast and can't wait till my next show. [view set]

04 November 2010

HipHop Is Undead! Custom Munny

here is the final version:

a few work in progress shots on the flickr if you are interested.