29 November 2007

photoshop extended play..

here is a link. just messing around.. (animated gif)

23 November 2007

drawing the day away...

i sat down infront of my desktop and wanted to draw so... here is the image and some of the layers?

21 November 2007

mk12 updates and i'm back

i just wanted to post that we finally got around to doing a small update to our website. Finally got up all of the Budweiser spots we have done, the mastercard spot, and some news items in the news section. Also on a side note, i'm back and starting to function on a normal schedule again so -- i'll be around again. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving, and give some thanks.

13 November 2007

new york magazine + history of america

there is a feature on web films: and history america is there with an interview for your viewing pleasure. excerpt.
"As you might imagine, The History of America is very, very funny, but the humor is secondary to the hypnotic pull of the film’s epic drive. It’s like someone got John Ford, Michael Bay, and Monty Python together to direct an animated version of War of the Worlds."

08 November 2007

up and away

im out in the UK so i wont be doing as regular of updates but i did a speed doodlicious for you all. as my internet time for today ends.. <3 you all be back on the regular on the 16th ish

04 November 2007

Raindrops and Pixels....

our new mastercard ad has been all over the place from television, to the movies, the web and now destroyed by youtube. If you haven't seen it, i wouldnt suggest this be your first viewing of it - but here is a youtube link. it's also up on priceless.com