23 January 2012

Week 02 -- #2012workhard

Full description on vimeo -- but this week I decided to try and composite some layers into some video shot here at the studio. which then turned into something else entirely :)

Week -01 #2012WorkHard

Started a weekly video project group on vimeo. The goal is to post one video of any kind once a week throughout the year. I'm currently on week 02, but wanted to share the first animation as well :)

12 January 2012

first doodle of the year.

no clue what made me pick the style, but yep just playing around. <3 painter.

04 January 2012

Best of 2011 in photos.

Whew! Last year was really a strong year for me photography wise, I was pushing myself to shoot constantly which opened my head to new possibilities within restraints. Coming into 2011 I slowly backed away from my camera to try and enjoy what I was doing instead of constantly trying to capture it. I think this year I found a pretty good balance even though I slacked for first part of the year. I ended the year strong and actually most of my top 10 are from my most recent trip to chicago. I tried to cull through all of my photos and pick only 10, but that was a bit too hard. I reduced my selection to a top 25. I've reposted the top 10 here and the rest as a contact sheet. Enjoy!

1.Welcome to Earth - Newly hatched chicken in chicago at the museum of science and industry.
I actually shot this in color and changed it to B&W in post, I felt the composition and depth of field were so strong that the image conveyed enough without color. It was hard to get a clean shot in focus of these guys moving around, so this was definitely the hero.

2. Visible Light - another photo from an exhibit inside the museum of science and industry. We were in a room where you turned on colored lights to show how they changed perception of
colors and how they were additive. Saw the low light opportunity and luckily pulled off one
of my favorite shots of this batch.

3.We're tiny -- I love flying, it sometimes put things in scale. Out of everything that is going on
in your life, you fly all the way up there and everything else seems just out of proportion. This was on a flight heading towards san diego and there was just some beautiful desert that wanted to be photographed. The addition of the fisheye just helped capture how massive the earth feels.

4. Peeking down the street - My love of photography will still heavily rely on long exposure night photography. I'm fascinated by how light travels and illuminates even when to our eyes, its completely dark. Things become rich and vibrant -- almost extraterrestrial! This is in kansas city near our house, i'm sure I didn't look creepy at all photographing in the middle of the street at 2am.

5. Directional Blur -- Another photo from our visit to chicago, being outside of the city excited me enough to play in unfamiliar territory. While on top of the john hancock building I was able to get this great photo with the lens baby. Shooting in a lounge with you face pushed up against the glass with lots of reflections is already hard enough, adding the delicate focus of the lens baby and you have a heavy situation. I love that the focus landed perfectly left on this one and the bokeh effects really feel like arrows in the middle. I think that oddity is what excites me most, and the longer exposure photography in general :)

6. Celebrate with Dance -- This year gave a few fun photo moments through a couple of friends weddings. I had a lot of fun shooting at the Kemper museum here in kansas city, and this was another love story with the lens baby. This was definitely my favorite from the batch of photos I took this day. Just captures the satisfaction and happiness these two are celebrating.

07. Here with you -- I think I picked this photo half on the quality and tone of the imagery, but I do think most of it comes from the sentimental value it holds. I waited until night to start trying to shoot the sign on top of the hotel -- i knew the lights would kick on and give it an eerie glow. The moon came out to give a helping hand and what would a photo be without an american flag.

08. Tracing the light -- Another photo from on top of the john hancock building in chicago. What can I say? Long exposure city photography is fun :) The natural light bouncing around with the cars and christmas lights just illuminated the city in a great way.

09. Icon -- Again with chicago -- and for that matter the next one as well. You'd think I didn't shoot any photos this year until last month. I just love how larger than life this representation of
Marylin is -- just fit so perfectly to who she was. This was actually as close as I got, most people ran up to give a peek ;) I thought the scale between the buildings, statue and the viewers was pretty fun. This was also a photo I post adjusted to be B&W. I loved the longer exposure and what it did with the ambient lights -- I just felt it more appropriate to be B&W.

10. On the shoulder of giants -- lastly a wide view from that 96th floor window. about a 10 sec exposure on this one if I remember right -- just enough to let the darks stay heavy.

And the rest of the 25 which can be found in larger format on flickr.