09 October 2012

From within.

New mural here in kansas city! Enjoy.

03 October 2012

Calculations of possible collisions.

People have been asking me about being able to purchase some artwork --

I have 2 artist proof prints that I did for the Kansas City FlatFiles show.
They are roughly 17x21 inches and are printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308g
with archival inks. I'm asking $90 each. Just contact me for any further details

The series is titled: Calculations of possible collisions.

29 July 2012

San Sebastian 0

Perfect half day of sunshine.

San Sebastian 3

Melted bike. Wedding. Happy. Typography.

San Sebastian 2

First day sunshine for a few hours.

Cloudy walk around San Sebastian

San Sebastian 1

Cloudy beach

24 July 2012

Toledo 3

Spainish Betty boop, more hallways, and train station beauty.

Toledo 2

More gothic awesome, more Toledo buildings that are awesome.

Toledo 1

Long hike, lots of tight paths, and holy gothic church.

Madrid 6

Rene Sofia, good tapas, and turtles in the train station!