20 June 2007

this is a blog.

ya know - it's either the long awkward hours, or the benadryl that is making me want to type, but none the less here I am. I try to keep this blog as little about me as it can be, meaning - just about my work, inspirations, doodles, or random stuff that I feel should be shared. Trying to derail the personal rants or the emotional helplessness caused by a depressing state of affairs in our country.. either way... i wanted to rant. I try not to do it often, but here is something.

Think of this as a daily doodle in the form of words, especially in the sense of a doodle being loose, scratchy, and a battle between the hand and brain.. my words are never as poetic or grammar proof as that of my fellow writer friends, or even as that of many of my student friends... I mean come on, even the art institute made me take a remedial writing course as I came to the ART SCHOOL.. yeah apparently you need to be able to write what the hell your head is trying to tell the world, or least give them some direction.

for those of you who have stayed here thus far, let me get to my point.

Sometimes the pure awe of that moment in the night when my mind is working its hardest, i'm blown away by the littlest of things. First.. i like working in the night, it is such a quiet time. The city is asleep, and only those nocturnal folks are out creeping around. Even the drive down to the studio is so calm and serene - the lights start blinking at midnight as I drive down grand, and the construction work stops, the noise halts, and I'm left alone to work. No cell phone ringers, no office phones ringing every 43 seconds, and surely no one sending me youtube videos or some random internet image... not that these aren't great, and that I don't send them my self, but I mean.. its nice. It's quiet. Well apart from the other 2 people that come in to work in the wee hours of the night like myself... It's part of me. I come to work in the morning and leave when I get hungry, go home sleep, hang out, play with my cat, drink. Then get in my car as the city turns off its lights, and everyone is heading to bed - i grab my car keys, say goodnight, and head to work.

Some might call it fruitless labor, as one might imagine being tired, or not creative.. but I'm awake at these wee hours, and i'm cranking out ideas. I like to work in the night, even if this night is spent typing - to me its work. But what made me appreciate my night time habbits, is when they are fruitfull. When i come in and on the spot moments happen. I play something out loud, that makes someone else think of an idea, which makes me grab ink and watercolor paper, and 3 hours later have a solution for a client pitch. It happens. It is odd, weird and quirky, but my late night shift that I work, that no one asks me to work, that no one mentions if I dont work, but my shift is nice and usually more fruitful then most of my days. Because who likes waking up to an alarm, and who likes leaving because the clock tells you so. I work because I like it, and i make the best stuff when I'm allowed to just work... and i'm glad i'm able to do that. It truly is a gift I get everyday.

With that said, i'm going to trace things in illustrator, and animate things in after effects, and then call it a night.

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