25 January 2007

"Animation and Visual Effects and Motion Graphic Design
Guest Speaker:
Ben Radatz & Tim Fisher
Meyer Hall - 6pm (Special Time!)

Ben Radatz, Jed Carter, Tim Fisher, Shaun Hamontree and Matt Fraction founded artist collective and design lab MK12 in their hometown of Kansas City, MO in YEAR. Art school fugitives, the five have carved a unique niche for MK12 in the design world, where art, commerce, film and music happily coexist.

Among its numerous in-house experimental projects, MK12 has completed broadcast and commercial design work for clients including Diesel, The Sci-Fi Channel, MTV, Cartoon Network, TNT, AXN and Coke, as well as music videos for Hot Hot Heat, Common, Funkstorung, and The Faint, the experimental films “Untitled 02: Infinity,” “4-D Softcore Sweaterporn,” “Ultra Love Ninja,” and trailers for the RESFEST film festival. In 2002, MK12 joined the directorial roster at Playa Del Rey, CA production company, The Ebeling Group. Ben and Tim will also talk about their motion graphics in the film “Stranger than Fiction”.

Characterized by a constant re-examination and development of motion, depth and juxtaposition, MK12’s unique style best lends itself to explanation visually and viscerally, with a visit to their Web site “www.mk12.com“.

ALL MGD/AVE students are invited to attend!!!!"

If you are in the bay area you should try to sneak in ;)


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