18 January 2007

Is there sign of life?

I'm not sure how a bloggers timeline works... as if here is an infancy stage, adolescence, and adulthood. Perhaps one starts unaware of his audience, grows to understand there isn't an audience, and then reverts back to not caring..

but I think somewhere along my years of having a website (the first friedpixels went up back in 2002, archive) I have became self conscience of if i actually have an audience of 1, or that of many. I was digging through my webstats and was brought to a sad realization that I've lost many visitors.. but in light of that... have now been getting a more consistent audience.
Is this true? I know i don't ever ask this, but if you could.. tell me your experience with my site/blog in the comments.. i want to hear your story :)

here is images of stats... if they are nothing but boring.. sorry ;) they are only from 2004 to now, but you get the point.

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