01 March 2007

my inspiration lately..

usually i find myself interested in many things that influence my designs, animations, and photographs. Lately i have been really really into shooting photos and looking at them. I find myself picking up books and getting lost at the photos... everything from simple shots of architecture to model shots in vouge, or some underwear magazine in YJ's... i think it's because on our shoot we had recently i was the main photographer next to mr. ben radatz. It was fun, good and i wasn't really worrying about conceptually things.. it was me shooting for shootings sake. The models that were outfitted and makeup'd, the hands that were lit perfectly, the bottles that were dressed, spritzed, and lit... I was merely capturing it from the angle and framing that i wanted to.. reguardless.. what i'm trying to say is.. here is an inspiration that i found that i like. and im really into photography at the moment. :)


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